Wednesday, April 7, 2010


As you are aware from our previous communication, in a world-first film making exercise, we are gathering 6,000 people from around the world to collaborate in the making of The Difference™ film and TV show. By tapping into the collective conscious and unconscious of a global group of open hearted, service oriented people, an influential film and TV show will be produced that will open humanity’s heart and make a significant difference to many people throughout the world.

Yesterday I attended the project briefing. I've been curious and bewildered that I was invited to be part of this. Following the briefing, I'll admit to being even more confused. The other people there were truly amazing. One of them lived off the grid with her twin sons for ten years in a community that didn't understand they were living "green." They had every creature comfort, she said, except cars. All their energy was solar-generated. One woman has written a book about connecting with the sacred divine. She hopes to help people find joy and direction in life without having to be part of "organized" religion. Another person teaches inmates to train therapy dogs, thereby healing those incarcerated by way of dog magic. Wow. She had one of her therapy dogs with her, an Irish setter named Jack. That was the BEST dog!

I'm not trolling for compliments here, honestly. My question is, why was I part of this group? I don't do anything like these people. One of the first exercises we did was to sit in small groups so we could explain to each other how we make a difference in the world. Not only could I not think of a single thing to say, but in my heart of hearts I'm not clear that I (or anyone, for that matter) has to change the world. Are we required to make a difference? I think we are fine just as we are. The world is OK, it will carry on with us or without us.

I do believe it's important to make the commitment, every day, to TRY to be a good person, you know: fair, tolerant, good hearted and good humored. I think it's important to do the right thing whenever possible, and to make amends when it doesn't feel possible. Some days I am able to live accordingly, other days - well - not so much. Does that make a difference? I'm not clear that it does, and that's OK with me.

Obviously they found me through the blog. My question is, do I come off here like someone who has a message to pass on to the world? They kept talking about getting the word out about what we do in order to make change available to people who want something different from their lives but aren't sure how to go about it. Do I have a message? Do I? I don't think I do.

Occasionally some people we invite to be part of The Difference™ comment, “Why me? What do I have to contribute? What difference will I make?” In response to these questions, The Difference’s™ Executive Producer Jacqueline Bignell says, “There is a reason you need to be involved in The Difference™ even if we do not know what that is right now. There are many people who need to hear your message. But even if it is only one person living on the other side of the world who needs to hear what you have to say and it makes a difference to them, your work is done. The ripple effects of the difference you make to that one person will be far reaching across many generations.”

OK, that appeals to my ego, but I still don't get it. There's a lot more to say about yesterday's experience, but it isn't "speech-ripe" yet (as my old cohort Anne Hill used to say). Picture me scratching my head, brows knitted, wondering, wondering. All I can say is, "Huh???"


Reya Mellicker said...

I signed up to be an advocate of the project, supportive from the background. I'll explain why as soon as I have the right words to say it.

Ptolemy said...

I just wanted to say that I love that last picture -- the little weed having its own shadow near the giant tulip and its huge shadow... Maybe your answer is there, somehow... You're doing your bit and it might seem small to you... I don't know... In a quick ten second comment, I'm not finding a complete way to describe it... But *I* love your blog and I'm always fascinated to read what observation you're going to make today... (Although secretly, I'm also checking in to see if "the right dog" has shown up on your doorstep yet!)

Mrsupole said...

Yes, you make a difference to us. You show us how to look at what we see with a different view in all of your pictures. You show us how to look at things from a different viewpoint. I could go on and on about the Cosmology of Reya showing us things we have never seen, but then I would have to write a book.

They know that you effect change in people, and have a talent for doing that. You make people "think" out of the box. That is a special talent that few people have. That is why they grabbed you as fast as they could and they are damn lucky to have you, as are we.

God bless.

Susan said...

Reya, I totally understand why they included you. You've got a point of view that aligns with theirs, you've got the ability to communicate it.
You're a healer - right there that puts you in their orbit.
Sounds like a fascinating project - very woo woo but I like that.
And may I ask that Ptolemy please let me hug that dog in the pic? Please?

ellen abbott said...

I have a comment here somewhere but I guess it isn't 'speech-ripe' yet. Love that. So I'll just echo everyone else.

btw, any idea what that beautiful tree is?

Reya Mellicker said...

Ellen I call them "clump cherries" but just like "tree poufs" I'm certain that's not the correct technical term. It's a cherry tree that blooms after the ornamental Japanese cherries. We have one in our front yard that will begin to pelt us with pink petals any day now.

Ptolemy, I loved that little weed shadow, too. So glad you noticed.

I have not yet had any yearning to connect with a new dog, though that dog Jack was the BEST dog. Wow. Some people tell me that it takes years before they're ready. You know, Jake was the only dog I've ever had so maybe that figures in to why I'm still not at all wanting another. Also I am slow at all things.

Thanks for all your thoughts. Honestly I'm not fishing for compliments. I don't DO anything outside of my head except bodywork, Reiki and ghost busting. Maybe that's enough. Who knows?

Karen said...

Dude. You totally have a message! But I think it's not the "here's my message" kind of thing... It's more like you are bravely being yourself, making choices according to the inner voice rather than anything else, and then letting that self shine out. Some of those things (listening, shining) are not easy to do, not always. And so you're a kind of pioneer.

(I'm remembering last semester's readings in Emerson, Thoreau...)

And you're saying things in public, so that means what you're doing is visible to others. So you're like a beacon. (?) Your being yourself is your message.

I don't know, the words here don't seem right, but I know you are an inspiration. Thank you!

Peaches said...

Seems to me, through your willing to question, that you will bring balance to the table.

Reya Mellicker said...

Peaches, yeah. There were people with agendas at the project briefing. But their intentions felt pure, at least that's what I was picking up. Who knows?

Karen, I love being called "dude."

The Pollinatrix said...

Reya, I love your take on things, and I definitely think you have something to contribute to whatever discussion they're having.

But I'm also with you on questioning if a change really needs to be "made." Maybe that's part of what you have to contribute.

For me, it's not your "message" that draws me to your blog, it's the joyous life energy that emanates through not from your words.

Angela said...

I know you are not fishing for compliments, and I quite understand that you are wondering "why me?" (funny thing is that Val and I are just having that discussion - does anyone really have an effect on others?), but I agree with everyone that you do. You do not take things or thoughts for granted, you turn them, twist them, give them a new meaning. And then you share them. And me, for instance, I go away, humming to myself, wondering... That is something, isn`t it?
That speech-ripe word is a common word in German: spruchreif.

Barry said...

Your message may not be "speech-ripe" Reya. May not, in fact, ever be something that can be reduced to words.

To put that another way, you are the message, and we get it.

At least most of the time.

Love your photos by the way.

Kerry said...

What an interesting project and you are perfect for it even if the reasons aren't clear to you. I wonder how they found all of the others in this diverse group? That therapy dog...there is a program similar to that here, where juveniles are paired with pound dogs and train them to get their Canine Good Citizen certification. Recidivism among those kids who work in this program? Zero. Talk about making a difference!

Reya Mellicker said...



Reya Mellicker said...

You know, we're so good to each other here. I so appreciate that quality of generous good vibes. Thanks, all!

Rebecca Clayton said...

I won't try to imagine what the project organizers think, but I agree with Peaches that your readiness to ask questions is one of many things you'll contribute.

I always feel a little suspicious of people who set out to Make A BIG Difference, because we have no way of knowing the consequences of our actions.

However, I always look forward to finding out what Reya thinks about whatever Reya's thinking about. Thanks for sharing!

Linda Sue said...

first thing to come to mind is that you have the ability to kneed the dough- (massage) and toss in ingredients that that particular "loaf" needs. You are a filter and a giver and you don't hold back- you have a gift of knowing what's questionable and what's beneficial without blasting it from a less than authentic place. Your blog is right and true you- the authenticity is trustworthy. so there- That's why you are chosen -for making it all happen in an honest way- not too underdone and not burnt. You're good!

Anonymous said...

Well, Dude!
Yes, like the others, I can quite understand why you were picked! I think it is because you question things
in a very nice open sort of way and aren't a knee-jerk anything....

you do not seem to have a major 'agenda'

sounds sort of cool and fun
a bit utopian
but who knows

hotter'n Hades here today.........

ps the inmate dog training thing is really excellent
have friends involved in it...........

mouse (aka kimy) said...

if your example of "TRY to be a good person, you know: fair, tolerant, good hearted and good humored." impacts one other person, you have made a difference.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Linda Sue. You know I'm quite careful about what I reveal on the blog. People who know me in person understand I'm not quite as succinct or interesting in real life as I make myself out to be here.

I always feel a little suspicious of people who set out to Make A BIG Difference, because we have no way of knowing the consequences of our actions.

Rebecca - ME TOO. This project is different, though. It's about getting the word out about extraordinary/ordinary people, the folks who won't ever be interviewed on NPR, for instance, but are doing great things in the world.

I just talked to my sister on the phone. We decided that, in my small group where everyone was telling about the wonderful things they do in the world, I should have said, "Well, after work I go home, watch NCIS and drink wine."


It's true. It is!

I love every one of you.

Reya Mellicker said...

Elizabeth - terribly hot here today too. I'm in quarantine, windows closed. Could be worse.

Kim, THANK YOU. Kim is one of the people who knows me in "real" life so thank you so much for this!

Whitney Lee said...

Okay, your comment, "I don't DO anything outside of my head except bodywork, Reiki and ghost busting," pretty much says it all. Most people don't do ANY of that. I'd imagine that right there would be enough to attract their interest.

It sounds like a different sort of project. Should be interesting. Perhaps this has appeared in your life, not so much for what you can contribute, but for what you may gain. Who knows what doors this may open or avenues you might pursue that would otherwise been left untouched.

Meri said...

1. You're a healer.
2. Your kindness, compassion, and slightly offbeat sense of humor is evident in your written words.
3. You have an innate capacity to communicate and engage through your writing.
4. You're smart and sassy.
There are no doubt dozens of other reasons. Sometimes not understanding why people would think we have something to contribute is evidence that we're carrying on a dialog that someone else initiated, telling us we're too little, too untalented, too insignificant to contribute anything to the world.

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm sassy? How cool is THAT? Wow. 57 and sassy. OK. Thanks, Meri. Thanks to all!! Seriously.

steven said...

reya- it's about being present. it's very cool, very lovely, very refreshing to visit a blog with someone who is present! steven

janis said...

Reya~ I love reading your Blog, I feel I know you & love you! Keep striking the keys my Dear!

Ronda Laveen said...

I've been reading your blog for a little over a year now. On several occasions, I've read what you've written about always being "different" from many others. Like you didn't fit.

Don't really know where I'm going with this, it is just that this "different" pattern keeps popping up for you. Maybe it is your clan. Maybe it was your home. Maybe my sock has a hole in it like my bottom and nothing is related. On the other hand...

Nancy said...

It's too late in the night to really give a good comment. But I think you offer your seed of truth that goes out into the world. Like the director said - you may not know the reason why you've been selected - yet.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Perhaps just knowing you are here, on this planet, and possess the gift of gab is enough to make a difference. You make us all reflect and think about life. It is easy for me to read your words as you are "preaching to the choir". I hope people who are a bit conservative read your words & understand what you are saying. Even if the reader is not swayed to embrace your views/beliefs at least perhaps he/she will be open to the understanding.