Friday, October 9, 2009

Knitted Brows

A man and his little dog Lana. I put a slight diffuse glow around the pic because Lana appeared completely worried. Does it help?

I am a mighty worrier. That's right: WORRIER, not WARRIOR. When Jake was alive I had plenty to worry about, i.e. Would he bite the UPS man? Is he sick? Why is he eating so many American Elm leaves? Does he need to go out? Is he hungry? etc. Now that he's gone I don't have the same focus for my habit of worry. Hence I've been worried about a whole host of other things.

Naturally I've worried about the bank account looting. That was deserving of a good worry, eh? I've been a little bit worried about my own health, too, mostly the result of transferred worry about Jake's health back on myself.

Also, I've returned to an old habit of worrying about the world, as if it can't take care of itself. For heaven's sake. For instance: as a "can-do" kind of species, we tend to want to fix things. There are scientists who think they can reverse global warming by seeding the ocean beds with something, carbon dioxide, I think. What I wish the scientists could remember is that we tend to create BIGGER problems every time we try to fix things. Leave the ocean beds, alone, please!! Instead of fixing global warming, why not turn all cars into hybrids, work on public transportation, lower the quantity of beef produced around the world, reduce manufacturing, eliminate packaging, as much as possible, in other words stop creating global warming. And then we could just see what happens. My sense is that the earth is self-healing, given a chance.

I could name many other reasons to worry about the world, but you get the picture, yes?

One thing that doesn't worry me is the news today that President Obama has been chosen as the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. This is great for him, but also GREAT for the U.S. presidency, a very flawed and impossible job. Obama is bringing great energy into the oval office, thank God!

Today I'm going to do a lot of mindful breathing inbetween clients, see if I can exhale some of the pervasive worry I'm carrying around. Wish me luck!

This pidgeon died gracefully. May we all go so beautifully (when the time arrives, of course)


mum said...

an alternative approach is to really let yourself go hogwild crazy on the worry (or sadness, or anger etc) until you can't possibly think of a single.other.thing to get worked up about. It's the difference between dragging around a low-grade fever for a long time and sweating it out at the sauna in one sitting. A matter of temperament, maybe.

(the dog looks ok to me - just very, very attentive)

Joanne said...

Interesting how you channeled your worry through Jake. Pets are so good for us, on so many levels. And vice versa, from the looks of your pup photo here! Have a nice autumn weekend there in DC.

Deborah said...

it is hard wired for us to worry
our Grandma Grace was an Olympic worrier-- I remember distinctly her saying to the very young Deborah, "Don't get to close to that stove, it might blow up."

Now, when I begin to worry extensively, I return to that moment which makes me laugh and puts things into context. . .

sending positive energy and much, much love

ellen abbott said...

I agree with you Reya. If we would just stop messing it up, the world would fix itself.

Linda Sue said...

somebody once said that worry/fear is the strongest form of prayer. Somebody has to do it, right? My mother was a worrier, I let her carry the load...that is until I had a child.

lakeviewer said...

You recognize worry in yourself and have deviced ways to channel it away. Keep it up. Worry is not good for your health.

glnroz said...

I too worry too much sometimes. I worry that you worry. If you will stop worrying, then I will relax a little,, deal? (good nature-ly written),, :)

Barbara Martin said...

Miniature daschunds tend to have intense looks on their faces. Lana appears to be puzzling something out in that little head of hers.

Most worry is unnecessary in the scheme of things. Sometimes worrying over much will actually speed up and manifest the dread you've been worrying about. Better to think positively about what you want in the future and then work toward that.

With respect to the planet, I would think the best way to help is to send positive thoughts about people making their changes as you suggested Reya. If everyone did their bit, day to day, then the planet would clean itself up nicely.

Most pets absorb their owners' misery and manage to get rid of it themselves. Sometimes they don't, which is when they become ill.

So, Reya, don't worry. Things will always get better with a ray of sunshine just over the next hill. I think positively despite the challenges I have ahead of me.

Star said...

I think we all 'enjoy' these periods of worry from time to time. Seems like we go into a sort of negative zone in order to come out the other side smiling?
Blessings, Star

Tom said...

there's enough to worry about without worrying about the world dissolving under our feet. BTW, that's not suppossed to happen for a few years, so don't go worrying about it!

Joanna said...

I worry as well--and it wakes me in the night sometimes. The best thing for me to do is decide on one thing to accomplish and just do it. Your list of ideas for saving the world is perfect--all things that can actually be done. Now how can we get started on that? I do enjoy your blog Reya.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Glenn! And all!!

After a good day of work, I'm feeling so much better.

Reya Mellicker said...

Joanna, thanks! It's the American midwesterner in me that thinks about cleaning up the mess, rather than creating a new solution to the mess.

Mum - I forgot this technique, thank you! I used to allow myself 10 minutes of hideous worry, but after 10 minutes the deal was, I had to stop. It really worked for me. I should try it again. Thank you!

willow said...

The Nobel Peace Prize was a ray of sunshine today, wasn't it?

Hope the Manor Ball will help take your mind off your worries for a bit. :)

Steve said...

I completely agree about the Peace Prize, even now, a few days later. I think it's great news and a great endorsement of his presidency by the rest of the world.

Fantastic Forrest said...

I have a dear friend who was literally making herself sick with worry. It is all well and good to be thoughtful and aware and take action, but people should relax. And you are totally right about the tendency to create bigger problems. Sting had a line about that in one of his songs - the one about I wonder if the Russians love their children too. Or maybe a different one. Or maybe that one and another one.

Yay about the Nobel Prize for the President. There are other great folks who deserve one too, but this choice was good.

Your photography is so splendid that you make a dead pigeon look gorgeous. But Lana still seems quite worried, despite the slight diffuse glow. Some things can't be fixed. Still, you didn't make it worse! :)