Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Start Where You Are

I do believe in angels, I do I do I do. What I believe is that there are healing, guiding forces of nature that are not (to me) about wings or robes or how big they are, it's about a singular presence that radiates benevolence and wisdom. They do smell like Johnson's Baby Powder, as Barbara Martin mentioned, but that's not what is most interesting to me. It's the energy they convey. When angelic light is shining on me, it's unmistakeable. At least according to the Cosmology of Reya.

From out of the nowhere I miraculously I have access to my workspace more often during the month of October than I usually do (two offices, three practitioners means we can't all have access at the same time). Greater access means I can book more sessions. More work equals more money. Imagine me sighing with relief. Everything is going to be alright. Thanks brothers and sisters of angelic disposition! Thank you so much!!

One quick disclaimer about yesterday's post: I've known for days that my bank card number was stolen. I have had plenty of time to freak out, cry, beat my head against the wall, clench my fist and shake it at the heavens while cursing, kick the furniture, etc. I didn't write about it until I could present myself as calm and cool. Ha!


Lynne said...

Love the bee! Is he one of the "sleepy" ones this time of year?

Elizabeth said...

Calm and cool is very good, Reya.
I missed your post about Wings of Desire and just caught up with it.
Yes, one of my favorite movies. Wim Wenders rules.

JC said...

I am so sorry that happened to you.

robin said...

[calm: yes, lipstick is perfect
[cool: ev'n when bother'd - see lipstick!
[angels: of the 1st degree!!

Nancy said...

You definitely deserve a bevy of sweet angels. I knew they would surround you. And thanks for being so real. I love how you are just who you are, with no pretense to being perfect. It makes the rest of us feel so much better when we see you handle life's hurdles, eventually coming to a good place. Like there is hope for the rest of us. :-)

Ingvar von Wald said...

THEY always take care of US. I believe it.

lakeviewer said...

This serenity you're experiencing, though your bank account was vacated, is the result of you faith in the goodness of life, of angels, of friends. You have surrounded yourself with real wealth alright.

Natalie said...

Just read your last two posts.
1. ARGH!!!!!! re: money.
2. YES! re : angelic presence. I have been experiencing lots of their beautiful comfort lately.
Sending love and my best wishes to you, and a big fat cheer to your "curse'.xx♥

steven said...

gold leaf.
mmmm yes i love that gold leaf glowing on the red brick. i love its shadow. even the shadow glows.
in my life i have known one person at all like you reya. she knew that with patience and accrued good fortune, the universe would take care of her.
i sometimes doubted her. silly me!!!
sweet divination in dc on an autumn eve reya!! steven

Ronda Laveen said...

It is so nice to hear you received a divine dispensation. Sorry to read about your recent travails. Will catch up on previous posts and send you an abundant spirit supercharge.

The picture of the leaf shows how large a small thing can appear...good and bad.


Ronda Laveen said...

In catching up I read this: "May all you do return to you three times." This little blessing or curse is plenty powere enought to bring anyone to their knees.

Reya Mellicker said...

Ronda, it does make you think twice - or three times - doesn't it? And yeah I'll take all the spirit energy you're willing to offer, oh yeah.

Robin I rarely wear lipstick anymore! Yikes!!

Natalie I'm so glad to "see" you - must catch up on your blog tomorrow when I have a few hours to myself.

Rosaria - yes I am so rich! And the cool thing is, what makes me wealthy can not be stolen. Isn' that something?

Thanks to all for good energy and wishes.

Mary said...

Wow and WOW!! Away yesterday and reading both posts today. Amazing that people will make crime their career choice - most amazing is your attitude. You have wealth in family and friends - and angels. Best, best wishes.

The Bug said...

So cool about getting the extra access to your office! I totally believe that there are angels that arrange such things for us - & you sure deserved that assistance!

robin said...

rarely wear lipstick?
every photo every day!

Barbara Martin said...

Receiving angel energy is the best thing a person can get. I've had it a couple of times. Pure bliss. The unconditional love is clear. Whatever was bothering you disappears.

Ask angels for assistance of any kind and they'll be right there.

Reya, have you heard the angel music? Similar to the music from the movie 'City of Angels' but different still. More majestic.

They felt your anguish and have provided assistance in the best possible way: space for clients = $.

Love the sunflowers and the bee photo.

Linda Sue said...

Your bee is more mellow than the ones that are doing business here- ours are all drunk on the fermented fruit that is lieing about in the alley ways- smells like vinegar and bad wine when only a month ago the air smelled like pie. So pleased to know that you had to rant before calm - that makes me feel better....I am so NOT calm..

karen said...

what a beautiful gold leaf! I love it when you talk about angels.. happy sigh!!

Barry said...

I'm reading your post in reverse order.

Loving the picture of the fragile gold leaf on the rugged stones. What an image!

I'm outraged by what happened to your bank account!

I realize you've calmed down by now, but it will take me a while.