Sunday, October 18, 2009


That's me in the purple.


1 a : an overflowing of the land by water b : a drenching rain
2 : an overwhelming amount or number, i.e. received a deluge of offers

I think the rain has stopped at last. I know California and other locations have had much more rain than we did, but wow. We got plenty. Usually the way it rains here is by way of a series of showers or downpours with breaks between. But not since Thursday. It rained non stop, 24/7. It was a steady rain, light to medium serious, more like the way I remember Pacific Northwest rains than midatlantic.

In a way the deluge was kind of fun, at least for me. Please remember that I have no commute whatsoever, and that I know how to dress for the weather. My sneakers are waterproof, I have the world's most giganto umbrella, and, too - I'm not afraid of rain. It is, after all, just water. So I can afford to be generous.

Steve at Lafayette Park.

H2O was only one aspect of the deluge of recent days. I've been busy, at work yes and also away from work. Every year as fall progresses, I inevitably get busier, swept up in a deluge of activity. I've wondered if autumnal busy-ness is simply my way of dancing in shamanic alignment with the energy of the harvest. The fall harvest season was a very busy time for our species back when we lived in agrarian societies, so I figure the tendency towards busy-ness must be encoded somewhere in my DNA. Go with the flow.

Today the rain stopped, though a thick and wintery-feeling overcast hung low over the capital all day. Towards dusk, the clouds began to pull themselves apart. Whoa. When I haven't seen the sky in a few days, the first glimpse of blue is almost shocking in its simple beauty.

We in DC are well quenched, and ready for some sunlight. But it honestly has been fun having you here for a visit, Brother Rain. Hope you're headed for some places around the planet that need you, eh? Well? Why not? Just sayin.


willow said...

We had tons of rain earlier in the week, but today was a crisp, chrystal clear fall day. Maybe it's heading your way?

Val said...

after days of sweltering heat here today is overcast and cold - but the rain still hangs in the sky... we need it.
Its strange how often we are all in the same phase - right now everyone busy to the point of submerging. I think its an awareness of the year coming to a close and much to be done before? or is there something celestial responsible? enjoy the rain - sing as you twirl your umbrella and splash in the puddles xx

Alaine said...

Reya, we've had heaps recently too! What's going on? Has our drought broken (in Oz)? It's like 'the old days'!! Send it down, Hughie!! (Now I wonder where that saying came from? It's been a bone of contention in the newspapers here recently).

Love that, 'that's me in the Purple'.

A Cuban In London said...

Ah, I love rain. Not, when I'm on m y bike, mind, but I love the wet stuff.

Many thanks for post and pictures.

Greetings from London.

Steve said...

Thanks for experiencing the rain with me on Saturday, Reya! I can walk with you in any weather and have a good time -- and that definitely isn't true of everyone. (Love that photo of me in the park, too...and that top one is beautiful!)

glnroz said...

Brother rain has been about to "homestead" here, but I like the rain. I hate winter.. I read earlier post...have you considered a new puppy? I feel you miss your friend a lot.

Mary said...

The sun is headed your way! I must tell you I prefer the rain to the 20 degrees we had - early kill to the last of the veggies.
Have a great week

karen said...

wow, beautiful photos... all that rain!! Been catching up, and enjoying earlier blog inactivity posts etc! Hot, dry, sweltering greetings from Africa today :)

Nancy said...

It's raining here, but not heavily. We could use some more moisture. Lake Tahoe dropped below it's natural rim last week, which means no water to the Truckee. My husband has a ski pass, so he's hoping for a good snow, too.

Barbara Martin said...

There's been a couple of days of sunshine here with few clouds. Cool and crisp with some in the neighbourhood lighting their fireplaces.

Steady rain is a type of purifier. I've been busy too of late, packing.