Friday, May 9, 2008

Storm und Drang

It was not a peaceful night in the house on Tennessee Avenue last night. Oh no. Nature and man worked together to create noise and mayhem throughout the night.

The Capitol Hill House Tour is this weekend. Our house is on the tour. That means that my roommates have been going crazy with tasks they believe are necessary to get the house up to snuff. Every room has been repainted, including the ceilings. The grout has been replaced in the kitchen, the deck has been scrubbed clean and repainted. John has been working late into the night in the shop, constructing who-knows-what, repairing pieces of furniture and so forth.

After John finally stopped working late last night, the skies opened up and let us have it in a big way - rain, thunder, lightning. It was a spectacular storm that unfortunately woke up the dogs. They whined and panted and shivered. The sound of footsteps up and down the stairs went on for quite awhile, probably Manuel trying to console his dog who is especially terrified of thunder.

Finally the storm settled itself down and it seemed that peace had returned to our corner of Tennessee Avenue. But, no. The saws and other loud shop machinery started up again first thing this morning. Last minute projects. Oh yeah. But it's all for the greater good. And - it'll all be over soon. So. be. it.

After at least a thousand people walk through the house this weekend, well, maybe then things really will settle down. Do you think? I can hope, can't I? Well, can't I?


Steve said...

Wow! I don't think I would ever want my house to be on a house tour, for just this reason. Too much pressure! (Plus, my house can only accommodate about three people at a time. :) )

Barbara said...

My Jake hated the storm too. He always senses the thunder and lightning long before I do. I hope the dogs of Tennessee Avenue weren't the cause for more carpet/furniture repair as a result of the storm. Clearing out of that scene this weekend seems like the only way to go! A house in the country with a standing Maypole will be a good escape.

lacochran said...

Wow, I'm impressed! How does one get on a house tour, anyway? And will it still go forward with all the rain and flooding?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

oy! being part of a house tour - you all are brave and strong! my interest is quite piqued! your home must be most beautiful to be part of such an event (actually knowing you and the beauty you carry with, I am not surprised) ....perhaps you can do 'a steve' and post pictures of your home to provide us a glimpse into the magical house on avenue t

Lynne said...

What do you do while people tour your house? Must you leave? I don't think I'd like people walking through my house!

No storm here, just rain this morning. I wouldn't mind a good cleansing t-storm tho ...

deborah said...

That last pic is incredibly beautiful--my Aquarius scope source says that partnerships are highlighted for the next seven weeks and we should not issue any ultimatums--negotiation is as good as it gets

For you, I say get while the gettin' is good--dissappear for the thousand house visitors unless you are an official host.

Kathy, when Don is gone, goes quite mad and vacuums at 3 a.m.--Chubby is terrified of thunder--those disturbed sleep nights always leave me unnerved and too tired.

Nap if you can and then run away--that's my advice to you today : - )

All my love,

Aileen said...

I agree with the other commenters- congrats for seeming (being?) so calm! I don't think I could handle such a "home invasion"...Hopefully you'll have a great weekend!

Reya Mellicker said...

Mouse? Thank you! What a wonderful compliment. Wow.

Actually owners are not allowed to stay in the house during the tour. That means the visitors can make as many snarky comments as they like, without hurting feelings. There are "house captains" who make sure nothing is stolen, etc. But it isn't that kind of tour. They raise money for various good causes, and it satisfies neighborly curiosity about what's behind the curtains of our fellow Hillizens.

I will definitely post pics of the house! It's an amazing space, definitely not decorated as I would, but it is truly distinctive. John is an architect, but more interesting, he's a builder, loves wood working of all varieties. Lately he has gotten into sculpting plastic and then hanging frosted lights behind for very interesting sci fi effects. I think that's what he's been working on, some kind of weird lighting thing for his bedroom.

Pics tomorrow, I promise!

As for Jake and me, we're escaping to Barbara and David's house. Barbara has offered to host Jake on Sunday while I work. It is awesomely generous of them, will also be fun for me to check out the energy of the maypole, now "aged" for a week.

Life is good and I am grateful.

Deborah - clogged drains create very lovely reflecting pools. Thank you.

lettuce said...

i'm smiling thinking of you and jake with barbara and david and jake no.2 (sorry jake no.2, no pecking order implied).

hold the maypole for me for a while, would you?

drama queen or not (and whats wrong with that?) you are most definately the queen of reflections.

Barbara said...

Lettuce -- Jake no. 2 understands it's a matter of age! He might even dig up a used Kong for his guest.

Gary said...

Visitors are a great motivation for getting things in order aren't they. My friend Joy says that she only cleans (a great big cleaning) when I come to visit since she has a dog and a cat and I am allergic to both.

When I have out of town guests the same is true for me. The yard gets the full treatment as well as the whole (rather big) house. Speaking of visitors, I hope you can make it out sometime this summer. We can go bike riding on the tow path on a glorious summer morning and eat lunch near the Delaware. Consider this your invite! Tag...

Washington Cube said...

I had been attending the funeral of the son of a friend that day. Died unexpectedly. The night of the storm my mind was on where we left him out in Rock Creek Cemetery. His mother told me yesterday that the storm actually comforted her as she felt "the heavens opened up to receive him." I was rather surprised to hear this, given the nonstop thunderclaps and downpour, but you'd best believe I didn't debate the point with her.

Reya Mellicker said...

Cube, wrote a long response to this that blogger ate.

It wasn't a mean thunderstorm, was it? Kind of awesome. i can see how someone, recently opened by grief, could think of it as God reaching down to retrieve the soul of her son.

Many condolences, dear Cube. Your friends are so lucky to have you.