Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seven Year Ouch

Seven years ago today I moved into the house on Tennessee Avenue. According to the people who make it their business to understand these things, every cell in my body has replaced itself at least once since May 15, 2001. Wow.

The street feels much the same as it did the day I moved in, warm and beautiful, festooned in greenery and flowers. The trees are a bit taller, some of the houses have been repainted, but other than that, this block of Tennessee remains unchanged.

As for myself, a lot has changed. After seven years, the two worlds - of me and of the street - no longer exactly sync up. Earth time is a lot slower than human time, after all, which explains why the street has stayed so youthful.

Maybe instead of feeling old and out of sync, I should get out into this perfectly gorgeous green day of sunlight and soft air, bird song and roses. It's such a beautiful day, virtually the same day as seven years ago. What am I waiting for?


Barbara said...

You live in a beautiful house minutes from where you work. You will know when it's right to think about moving, but I would think it would be hard to leave your home on Tennessee Avenue. This may be a seven to ignore!

lettuce said...

your cells have all replaced themselves - so, that makes you about 7 years old.

(i think i'd sooner be 37 though. well, maybe 27...)

being out of sync can be okay though, don't you think? travelling at a different speed from something/someone else can help you see them more clearly

Reya Mellicker said...

Don't mean to sound ungrateful or whiny (even though I was whiny yesterday). Aging is humbling, at least for me. In fact, time moves so fast these days I can hardly keep up. Really!

I'm not focused on moving, only on how much I've aged compared with how unchanged this street is. Blows my mind.