Sunday, May 11, 2008

Home Tour

This is not meant to be a comprehensive look at every room in the house on Tennessee Avenue. In fact I took lots of other pics that were

a) boring
b) blurry
c) did not convey the sense of the room involved.

"Regular" pics are not my forte - but here's a glimpse into the aesthetics of my dah-ling roommates. Enjoy!


Lynne said...

I want to settle down into that cozy nook by the fireplace and read! Lovely, Reya!

Aileen said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors! If I had a kitchen like that...I just might cook! :)

deborah said...

There's not much I'd quibble with even in the decorating
clear, clean lines
some nice art
great colors
love the kitchen
where is the stove?

thanks sweetness

Love you

mouse (aka kimy) said...

what wonderful space - the pictures convey so much beauty and warmth. thanks for giving a glimpse into your gorgeous abode. and I love all the wood.... that nook does indeed seem alluringly cozy

Barbara said...

It's right out of House Beautiful. And it is so CLEAN! With everything exactly in its place. It's really a great house. And so quiet with no dogs around. What a reunion when everyone comes home tonight and goes about the business of living.

Gary said...

great color choices (I love the warmth of the dining room, kitchen and fireplace nook) , inviting spaces, certainly sparkling - neat and tidy. It's amazing how small touches like well placed flowers brighten up a space and add life. Fresh flowers are a gift we should always allow ourselves. Was your space part of the tour?

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Ooh, nice, very, very nice!

tut-tut said...

I would love to have that fireplace . . . It's all so soothing and lovely, every room.

Reya Mellicker said...

Barbara you were right. The reconvergence of all of us plus the dogs turned into a nice feast. We ate from the plates already set for the tour. It was very festive.

My room was definitely NOT part of the tour!

It's a beautiful house. I've lived here for seven years, but I still don't take it for granted. As Barbara says, it's a very "masculine" house - as it should be! It's not like a page from Pottery Barn. It's distinct, a nice blend of the two of them aesthetically.

It's a wonderful place to live. There's no place like home.

Reya Mellicker said...

Deborah, stove is to the left facing in the same direction I was when I took the pic.

lettuce said...

wow, doesn't it look fab?

i notice that there is actually quite a bit of "stuff" in the house, but it doesn't look cluttered at all. now, why can't i achieve that?....

i like the look of the little collection of animals (?) perched at the top of the book case

love to you reya, have a good week

Moonroot said...

Love the pics - especially the one of the kitchen which conjured up good memories of the lovely meal you cooked us when we visited!

Hope you're still planning to visit us in the autumn so we can show off all the home improvements here since your last trip to Wales!

dennis said...

Dennis loves all of the touches of green in the pics, and he wonders what kinds of meats and gravies go on those plates....

lacochran said...

Very nice! I like the mix of gray and brown...wood and metal/stone etc. I'm with Lynne on the built in corner seat--fantastic space!

Steve said...

LOL Dennis' comment about "meats and gravies"!

Everyone's said it already, but I'll say it again -- a beautiful house! So warm and colorful and clean-lined. Very Zen! :)

Reya Mellicker said...

My friend Mary emailed just to make sure that it's not always this clean.

It's not. I told her:

You'll rarely see a crusty coffee cup in this house. Instead, there's usually the detritus of projects, like big stacks of 2 x 4's, many shop tools, big rolls of veneers or some piece of furniture that either needs repair, is about to be sold on Craigslist, or has just been purchased on Craigslist. John's bicyle hangs out just inside the front door, along with his tire pump. Sometimes there's a case of canned dog food or a huge bundle of paper towers stuffed under the table for a few days.

Glad you all enjoyed the tour.

Reya Mellicker said...

Dennis - meats, gravies, salads, sliced fruit, skewers, cold rice salads, cheeses with crackers and olives ... these trays get used for everything.

The number one rule in this house is:

Presentation is everything.

It is! It really is.