Thursday, May 8, 2008


Looks like an owl face to me.

Tuesday I spent three hours cleaning my room. Last week was so overfull of transformation, activities and fun, I abandoned my usual habits which meant that my usually neat and clean room went to the dogs (no offense, Jake).

Yesterday my body got into the spirit, cleaned itself out completely. Some people call this experience "stomach flu" - and though I understand that a virus may have been involved, according to my world view, a bodily purge was a necessary (though unpleasant) part of the feng shui of this moment in my history. Out with the old, in with the new, macro and microcosmically. So be it.

I don't love being sick, but I always benefit from the changes in my perspective, the altered consciousness, weird dreams, etc. And, too, when you have good friends who are willing to bring ginger ale and bananas to aid in recovery, a day on the couch can actually be a very good thing.

Sometimes I berate myself for being so, uh ... what's the word? Extreme. Recently I've decided it's not compassionate for me to insult myself with labels like "drama queen." There's nothing wrong with being a strongly emotional person. It's who I am.

That said I'm glad to be on the rebound from last week's festivities and activities. Glad to be so damn clean, inside and out. Extremely clean, in fact. Oh yeah.

If you look very closely, you'll see Letty in this pic. Jake, too. They are well hidden in secret places of their own, but they are there.


Steve said...

Yikes! I'm glad you're on the rebound from your malady...but it least it sounds like you've been able to find the positive in the experience. Bravo to your resourcefulness!

deborah said...

blessings in excellent disguises
or maybe
just unrelentingly optimistic

i can identify
and am glad you got a day to 'clean out' and rest up


mouse (aka kimy) said...

great pots!! i see them!!! yet another exceptional reflection pic with secrets most high indeed!

oh and what's that they say about cleanliness....

Barbara said...

Squeaky clean is always a good feeling. It's the best way to mark a new beginning. Hope your body is on the mend!

Aileen said...

Hmmm...I've always kinda liked the sound of the term "Drama Queen"-it sounds regal and mysterious. And as a lover of the dramatic arts, why wouldn't I wish to be a Queen of that domain? :) It's too bad the term has gotten such a bad rap.

Perhaps we can turn that around?

Gary said...

I know just what you mean about cleansing the body as well as the spirit. Any time I go through something traumatic, or to be less dramatic, a change, I always end up getting sick. I see it as my sign that it has truly passed.

Well, it is behind you now.

I am sorry that I didn't have the opportunity to walk with you through you neighborhood. Maybe next time? Please?

lettuce said...

i hope the sickness is over dear reya - and glad you feel so cleansed and clear.

funny, but i feel that i'mn heading for a real purge of spring cleaning here in london, i've started a bit on the garden, much more to come... and hmmm i think its significant

thats a great picture. just one week ago! it feels like both yesterday, and months ago. And i do wish i was there with you today.

Lynne said...

Great reflection yet again! My body went through the same kind of thing last week. ugh.