Monday, May 19, 2008


I've always been a rolling stone, a ramblin' man (sic). There are very few landscapes, work spaces, communities or relationships I've stuck with over long periods of time. I'm not accustomed to gathering moss.

What a surprise to discover that during my six and a half years at Healing Arts, I gathered buckets of moss. Bushels. Acres. A lot!

I'm flabbergasted to realize how entrenched I became with that location and all the habits I formed around my work life there. I didn't really see that until now. Wow!

Part of the adjustment to Quiet Waters and all the new routines it presents, is a continual scraping away of the mossy layers of habit, routine and attachment I had to my ex-work space. My goodness. No wonder I've done a lot of moving around in my life. Apparently any time I stop long enough to take root, I congeal like Superglue, like quick drying cement, like plaster cast in an ungreased mold. Ouch!

Good information for me, understanding my tendencies a little bit better. Gotta go now, exfoliate yet another layer of Healing Arts residue. Onwards and upwards. I mean it!


Squirrel said...

Maybe it's that you're also a smartie pants, a sharp cookie, a quick learner, and that helps you get entrenched. Not all bad you know. Then it takes a little time to undo the old and learn the new that's all.
You don't seem the congealing type at all to me.

Hammer said...

Again we seem to be on similar wavelengths. Enjoy the new environment and all its possibilities, my fellow roadrunner!

Reya Mellicker said...

Squirrel, you - well - Ched, Dennis and you (at least) possess the All Seeing Eye, like Washington Cube. You do. So - thank you!! I'm going to try to imagine myself being less of a congealer, more fluid. Go with the flow. Laid back.


Hammer how fun - what song was on the flip side of that 45? I can almost remember.

So weird to think that when 20 somethings see vids of 45's, to them it looks like 78's look to me.

Do you remember stacking 33-1/3's one on top of the other, with the swinging arm that would drop them onto the turntable? It's ancient music history!

Reya Mellicker said...

I even had a 33-1/3 birthday party. Vinyl looms large in my legend.

Steve said...

We all love our habits and routines, even when we don't recognize them. Fortunately, we're all also more adaptable than we know. :)

deborah said...

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 -- The Sun dances his way through the airy sign of the Twins, creating a celestial harmony for you. Depending upon the intensity of your recent individual struggle, the weeks ahead can surely lighten your load. Enjoy sparks of playful interaction as opportunities arise, for the month will also bring its share of serious issues into the light.

Love you

lettuce said...

i'm with squirrel, you don't seem the congealing type. the exfoliation sounds kind of rigorous though, give yourself some time off now and then dear.
(i love how the reflection goes squoogley on the car bumper)

IntangibleArts said...

Admittedly, I am a word geek:

After reading your post, I noticed the similarities between RESIDUE and RESIDE.

Therefore, RESIDUE could be the shadows of a previous RESIDENCE (in a spiritual or head-space sense)?

Thus, to remove the RESIDUE, one must complete the moving-out process. Anything left to do? Get the hell out! Fire drill!

This bit of dime-store, armchair psychology and word-geekery was brought to you by...

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Intangible and thanks Steve. Oh yeah, I'm as adaptable as I want to be.

I keep forgetting.

dennis said...

Dennis says it's important to be a certain way at work--professional and all that--so it seems like a rut faster than the rest of our lives because we can't play so very much at work.

Reya Mellicker said...
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Reya Mellicker said...

Too many typos (see above).


I have very intense and personal relationships with my clients, though they are professional, too. I don't reveal very much of myself, while the client is there for her/his own healing, and so more willing to open up. Lopsided, but healing.

Especially on Capitol Hill, personal/professional relationships overlap everywhere. All of us make a different kind of peace with the dual roles. I'm definitely still working on mine!

Thanks, Dennis. You're so smart.