Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vernal Silliness

When I use Zipcar, I always reserve the car closest to home, usually a Civic hybrid or a Scion - nothing fancy. After all, I only use Zipcar to run errands or go see the osteopath. Who needs a cute car for that?

But yesterday I reserved a red Mini Cooper that I had to walk a mile to pick up. Wacky, eh? I thought so. I needed a car for my bi-weekly run to Whole Foods, hardly a glamorous journey for such a glamorous car. Why did I do it? I think the first strains of spring fever manipulated my index finger into pushing the "reserve Mini Cooper" button on the website. I do. It had nothing to do with the rational portion of my brain, that's for sure.

Have you ever been inside a Mini Cooper? In truth, I felt like I was driving around in a small red bucket. It was hard to see and the stereo wasn't all I had hoped it would be, though I had the volume cranked up nevertheless. But it was amusing to realize I opted for the cute car, for no reason whatsoever except it seemed like it might be fun. A decision like that, based on nothing but whim, means that Spring is definitely here.

This past week included several nice warm days, but it wasn't the temperature that brought on the fever. We had plenty of warm days this winter during which it never occurred to me to reserve a cute car. In February Brother Sun was still hovering closer to the horizon. This week daylight is falling hard from high up in the ecliptic. It's completely different than a warm February day.

I believe the steeper angle of sunlight, along with lengthier days, has psychological and hormonal impact. So much impact, apparently, that a trip to buy groceries requires a zippy little car. Silly, isn't it? Oh well, that's a part of springtime, too. I honor the silliness of spring.

Yes! Welcome Spring!!


deborah said...

are there leis over the back seats?

be silly


Reya Mellicker said...

Yes, the car was all fixed up, inside and out. The pic was take between 17th and 16th on Mass Ave. SE. Old Capitol Hill. Very peaceful.

Barbara said...

Mini Coopers are cute cars, especially a red one. We rented one in Boston once. It had a very different feel inside and out. I wouldn't want to own one but I too enjoyed driving around in a cute car.

Steve said...

Yay! I'm glad you went for the FUN option. I think mini-coopers are adorable cars!

I definitely agree on the whole spring thing. We had a beautiful day yesterday, and it's so great to see the world warm up again!

Gary said...

I have been curious about the 'ride' of a mini cooper. They do look like such a fun car. I have got my own fun car however and caught a bit of spring myself two weeks ago. I decided to put the top down, crank up the heat, and drive my little bug while listening to the Go-Go's. A great spirit lifter.

Moonroot said...

My first ever car was a red Mini Cooper so I wholeheartedly endorse your choice of vehicle!