Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Quick Visit to Urbane Terrain

It's possible to linger too long beneath the radar during a slight illness like the one I'm suffering from. I'm feeling emotionally vulnerable, too, so I've been laying low.

Also, Brother Wind is in a capricious mood and I haven't wanted to subject my sinuses to the crazy weather that comes along with his unpredictable behavior: clear, warm and peaceful, then five minutes later completely overcast with gusty winds, followed by a heavy rainshower, then five minutes later, clear as a bell again.

But my friend insisted I accompany her to the urbane terrain of Dupont Circle for a bowl of udon noodle soup and a quick trip to Kramerbooks. Getting out, even when it would be more prudent to stay in, is sometimes just the ticket in the midst of a healing crisis. It was today anyway. Thanks Barbara!


Aileen said...

Now I'm thinking maybe I should have let my friend M lure me out of the house today! It was reading, TV and laundry for me, ugh!

Barbara said...

It was a strange afternoon with dark clouds one minute and bright sunshine the next. The wind took a breather and then came back with a vengeance (making me wish I had worn my coat). I hope you are none the worse for filling your belly with udon soup and assaulting your sinuses with my French oil of thyme. Since I have been dubbed "the commander of fun", this will probably not be our last such outing.

Now get well!

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm the one who snorted the thyme oil. I don't recommend it! But it did seem to dislodge something. It smells a lot like the immune-up oil we used to get from the alchemist.

The udon soup did the trick. I have two new books - a "people's" history of science and a compendium of writing about science and nature - excellent reading for a nerd like me.

Aileen! I haven't sensed you here in the blog world recently, but you're around. Hope you're not sick. It was quite a flu season. Now we're on to allergy season. Heads up!

Steve said...

I can't believe I'm so behind on your blog! Geez, I had no idea how many days I'd missed. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather -- I hope your cold is subsiding by now.

Love the pic! (As usual. :) )

Squirrel said...

Get well soon!

IntangibleArts said...

Indeedy, motion is a virtue.

lettuce said...

udon noodle soup, yum