Thursday, March 20, 2008

Buzzy and Breezy

It's a splendid spring equinox. Happy Spring! Happy astrological new year! Happy return of the light!

All the shadows are completely different than they were even a couple of weeks ago because of the high angle of midday sunlight. It's so bright out there! In addition to the uber-bright days, this year the full moon takes the baton at sunset and lights up the sky all night long. Except for the rain yesterday, this year's equinox is about being blasted with light and air. I approve! It was such a gloomy grey winter. Yes!

Today is buzzy with rising life force and the full moon's lunar zap, twittery with birdsong, brisk with gusty winds, moist from yesterday's soft rain, sparkling with this morning's intermittent sunshine. The wind is cold but the sunlight is very warm. There is balance, though it's an exceedingly bright and lively kind of balance this year. Wow.

In spite of the busy day of light, wind, and birdsong, my mood is calm and contemplative, maybe because my work schedule is a lot easier this week than it could be, or maybe because Easter week always gives me pause for thought with its themes of sacrifice, death, and rebirth.

Harrowing, in fact, is the moment when Brother Sun crosses the abyss between the constellations of Pisces and Aries. It's like crossing a sea that has been divinely parted - except - that's Passover, and that doesn't happen till next month.

I'm grateful to access a moment of calm in the middle of springtime craziness. The scales of the year are shifting towards the light, and in spite of all the motion, I'm holding steady. Oh yeah! Welcome spring!!


Steve said...

Love the camellias! So big and bright!

Barbara said...

Man, I wish my camellias looked like these! This is how they looked the first year they were planted (2000?), but ever since they have been complaining -- not dying, but just not blooming or even looking healthy!

hele said...

Wow! These photographs are so very beautiful. They make my soul feel at rest.

lettuce said...


LG and her friend used to call camellias "puffy" flowers

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

oh and the Aries ram on the car- how clever! (beautiful reflection too)
happy spring, Reya.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

and these flowers are currently in bloom in your hood! happy and welcome spring indeed. alas, it still very monochromatic here - with a forecast of 4-8 inches of snow for the night (what you say? spring?) ah, but the heart and calendar know it is spring.

I read the account of your easter week in 1976 - a very powerful chapter in the lifebook of reya. I'm glad you were able to find stories which pulled you through that dark and wet period. and thank you for sharing your story. powerful.

happy spring. happy new day. and happy easier work schedule!


Reya Mellicker said...

Wow, thanks Mouse.

Lee - you noticed the reference to Aries! I'm so glad! I never know if I'm being completely obscure. The pics always accompany the text, but sometimes it doesn't come across. Thank you!

Thank you Hele!