Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The upwards rising energy of spring has reached a critical mass. Today I saw a few trees in bloom, tomorrow I'll see more and the next day more still. Within a week the landscape will be completely transformed, from stark and wintery to a pale pink, white and yellow poofy goofy Fairyland. Just like every year, but still it amazes me. I'm in awe of the power of spring energy. It takes some serious umphh to push plants above ground, open flowers that have been so tightly wound, push up grass, etc.

There's so much gathered energy just underfoot, I'm surprised you can't feel the ground trembling from it. Spring is explosive here in DC, dynamic, like a big sneeze. In fact, my shamanic dance of alignment includes frequent bouts of explosive sneezing. It is thematically perfect, but so unpleasant.

This year, Chinese medicine is going to be a big part of my annual sinus-centered war with tree and grass pollens. Every year I fight, and every year I lose. But maybe not this year. Today I pledged not only to cook the herbs and drink the vile tea that results from the process, but to wrap the cooked herbs in hot washcloths and lay them across my eyes twice a day. My exact prescription is to let some of the tea from the washcloths drip into my eyes, and to keep sipping the tea throughout the day, even when I'm using the herbal compresses. The Sufi acupuncturist wants me to "continually meet the environment" in alliance with the herbs. It's like herbal armor, herbal guardians who have my back. It's so extreme, so shamanic. I'm intrigued.

Chrysanthemum and honeysuckle are two of the herbs I'll be working with. Both of them are lovely plants I have friendly contact with later in the summer, right around summer solstice, after my allergies subside. I'm wondering if these herbs can in some way move my sinuses forward in time, past the season of my unholy congestion.

Who knows? It could work. At least I'll give it my best shot. Vile tea, poured into the eyes etc. is a small price to pay to enjoy spring in the midatlantic. Well worth it, if it works. Believe me.


deborah said...

i say bravo

the warm seaweed detox wrap in that impossibly posh spa in LA which our sister gave me for my b-day cleared even the worst skin problems on by back (where the new meds don't reach) and my leg looks essentially normal--like i might have a gentle burn there once--no longer even pink--

so i say detox
whatever brew it takes
organic honey (which helps for hayfever)

go for it
and this year
may you breathe free among the crazy abundance of life force


Reya Mellicker said...

What a blessing! Thank you, dear sister. I love you, too.

Barbara said...

The Chinese have spent centuries figuring this out. It will be interesting to see how a holistic approach to allergy containment works as opposed to dosing up each day on antihistamines.

Do you remember the point at which you got allergies? For me it was bout of walking pneumonia that left me allergic to much of my world.

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

interesting observation by Barbara. I struggled with violent seasonal allergies after a bout of bronchitis; I don't think there was a single pollen that didn't trigger violent reactions. I wish I could tell you how they stopped and why. All I can say is that they come back when I am emotionally stressed out and subside when the anxiety levels decrease.
Hope the tea helps. Wishing you a sneeze-free "Bless you"

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks, Lee.

Barbara I have been allergic all my life to tree pollens and grass pollens. It's very specific. Otherwise I have an occasional reaction to something. In my case, it's genetic.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

nice to be able to come over to the gold puppy and experience vicariously a little bit of spring!

bless you!

dennis said...

Dennis likes to have alliances with herbs and things.