Monday, January 14, 2013

The Siren Song of Paris

Last night's fog.

As a shaman, I talk to spirits. I talk to individual spirits and souls but also - and often - I address oversouls. I'm talking about a comprehensive energy field that encompasses groups of people. At work I contend with family souls all the time. Do you know what I'm talking about?

All kinds of human communities have souls, including every office and business, all organizations, clubs, also sports teams, orchestras and bands. The Grateful Dead had such a powerful soul that it continues to float around, even though the original members of the band are either now dead or old. If you have ever actually listened to their songs, it's easy to see that the music was not the thing people found/find so compelling. It's the Greatful Dead soul, oh yeah. Souls are powerful and influential, worth paying attention to.

Cities, too, have souls which accounts for the many love songs written about them.

I am an urban person. I love cities and could never be forced to say which is my favorite except moment to moment. Right now I am so in love with Paris. I can't explain why. There's something for me there, some wavelength I feel I need to immerse myself within. Though I'm not going now, will not go alone, I'm quite determined to get there sometime in the next year.

I wish I were there right now, even though it's cold and as gloomy as Paris ever gets, and even considering how lonely I would be. Actually I wouldn't be that lonely, since my friend in London promised he would come over for a day to walk around and take pictures, then drink wine and eat something delicious.

So you see I am still jonesin' for Paris. Good lord. If only I spoke French, maybe I could take a trance journey to speak directly with the soul of the city of light, see what it has to teach me. That would be shamanic armchair travel, hey? Maybe I'll try.


Pam said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. I feel it in a plane over a city, sometimes see the colours or aura. Australia's gigantic 'angelic guide/keeper' has the colours of azure, mauve, pink,light grey,an intense light blue and wafts of orange - it starts to intensify approaching a country -perhaps you'll see the Aussie aura/sense it one day! Hope so!
As with people some auras I see, others I can't.

Reya Mellicker said...

I would love to see it!

Wow. Cool to think about. I've never tried to see a city's aura. Must try!

Kerry said...

Paris is quite wonderful. I do really hope you get to go. We were there on a shoestring budget a few years back when the dollar/euro ratio was awful, but we had such a good time. Didn't try to see everything. Wine was cheap. You can picnic beside Canal St Martin for nothing, with the students. The art is fantastic. And the bread. What fun to dream about it.

My fav French words: "merci" (spoken frequently with good results) and "au revoir" to every wait person, with whom you lock eyes, upon leaving the cafe.

Angela said...

Yes, it would help if you spoke at least SOME French, Reya, because the French people do not wish to speak English (even if they can). It has to do with English words (about half of the language) which derive from French but are pronounced differently. If you say "aventure" or "impossible" the French way, you`ll know what I mean.
I was in Paris only once, at age 18. At first I did not get it at all. Only big gray houses! But as soon as it got dark, when I walked along the Seine, saw the Sacré Coeur and Montmartre in lights, felt the soft air and heard the music, I was done!