Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do the math, Reya

Farragut Square

I had a great internist, but then she retired. I don't blame her.

I've been a little slow to pursue a relationship with a new one even though I believe whole heartedly that if you have already established a rapport with a healer, things go far more smoothly when you actually need them for something.

That truth, and the fact that I'm about to turn 60, spurred me to join a very cool practice and schedule a physical. It won't kill me to bleed into tube, have my blood pressure taken and such, right? In fact I'm curious to see how it goes. In this practice they are committed to spending time with the patients. The fact that this is revolutionary is very sad.

In the past, follow up meetings after exams have gone like this.

Doctor: Your blah-blah is (insert number), but I'd like it to be (insert second number).  
Me: ... Oh. 
Doctor: However, your blah-blah-blah is (insert number). That's a very good number. Etc. More numbers. 
Me: Huh?

When the Sufi acupuncturist talks to me, I understand everything he says, but the western model for medicine, while great in emergencies, is completely bewildering to the likes of me. In emergencies, I don't care that I don't understand, such as when I developed pneumonia a few years ago. I was so happy to swallow the antibiotics. However for the mundane exigencies of regular life, it makes no sense whatsoever - to me.

However I'm going to submit to the exam and when I go back for the numbers, I will smile politely and nod my head, as if any number really means anything in and of itself. Does it? I guess so! The number 60, for instance, has got me scared to death.

It's kind of hilarious, really. I'm beginning to see, from speaking with my many Very Wise friends that this is a tight spot, an inward journey - it is. In a few weeks I'll wonder what the big deal was.

The other thing I'll be feeling in a few weeks is relief that I didn't press the "buy ticket" button on the Air France website. Whew. I'm going to buy a new computer instead, on which I'll actually be able to see my photographs. Thank you Jesus for my ability to wake up from that glamorous, lonely and very expensive dream.

Onwards and upwards. Shalom.

Discarded Christmas tree, shiny car.


ellen abbott said...

I have a wonderful internist but he's talking about retiring. Wah! For me that is. I dread having to find a new one. He will spend as much time with you as needed to explain, answer questions, chat even. He is a rarity in my experience.

Kerry said...

It's true what you say about those numbers. I get a physical every year, and always sweat the numbers. And our health insurance company has made it worse by asking for some of the numbers, and if you don't submit them they charge a higher premium.

Sixty was a big birthday, but I wanted nothing to do with a big party. I wonder how you'll mark the day.

A new computer is a practical gift to yourself. Have fun with it!

Steve Reed said...

Well, I'm glad you're getting something for yourself, and a new computer is always useful! I still think that trip to France might be called for, though...maybe I'm just being selfish so I can see you!

Pam said...

Don't let the number 60 scare you to death. In my experience of the landmark 0 birthdays, it's four or five years in when you notice any changes.
Thought any more about the Matchbox Bar? Small and intimate sounds good.
After threatening to run away after each suggestion from husband and daughter for my 60th, I have conceded to a very small lunch gathering with a few old familiar friends - at an inner city organic dining venue . It will cater for everyone's food allergies, pickiness with additives, preservatives ,vegan or health concerns. Any number over ten makes me panic - especially when they're fussy eaters, and I'm going into this 'blind' ie husband and daughter not letting me near arrangements because the introvert in me just wants to crawl under the blankets.
I'll try to relax and have fun - highly extroverted people have no idea!!
HaHa! Think of me on the 8th Feb. I'll be thinking of you!