Friday, January 25, 2013

La puissance de la langue française

I'm better than I was last week, I mean I'm not as intimidated by the looming reality of turning 60 as I was. Entering early old age is, as a friend says, an inner journey, or as another friend says, a "tight spot." I'm feeling both of those things! Gulp.

Having a themed 60th is really working for me. My theme: all things French, especially Parisian. I didn't decide to have a theme, but it came up. What is a shaman to do but dance in alignment with the prevailing energy? It can't hurt, and in fact I think it's helping.

I've been listening to songs sung in French, watching French language movies, looking at French websites. French is a fluid language, smooth and wavy. It's an energetic lubricant perfectly suited to moving through life's tight spots. No wonder it's the language of diplomacy! I'm benefitting from the soothing, smoothing sound. It's really helping a lot. Another benefit is that bits and pieces of French are coming back to me. I'm recognizing/remembering words, some of the grammatical structure. It's like remembering a wonderful dream, having tiny bits of French come back to me. It's a gentle form of soul retrieval. Tres amusant.

Yesterday on FB I announced what I want for my birthday: witty repartee and really nice red wine. Witty repartee can not happen when one is alone on the sofa watching movies on the ipad, nor - for that matter - wandering the streets of Paris. Hence I've scheduled a series of lunches and dinners with a variety friends and neighbors. I'm going to get out there a little bit around this birthday. This introvert of introverts is going to engage with people I think are great because that is the one and only way to access witty repartee.

The mundane truth of space/time in our reality makes it impossible to go out for drinks, lunch, and/or dinner with DC friends while simultaneously sitting in a cafe in Paris. Our reality is not the quantum reality, after all and may I say, thank God! My desire for witty repartee is really the only thing keeping me from pressing the "buy ticket" button on the Air France site. It's ridiculous how much I want to be in Paris. The desire to go is unrelenting. But even more than being in Paris, I want to sit down with friends, toast life and friendship, crack a few jokes. That's how I want to come into age 60.

As for Paris, all in good time.

All is well in Washington DC. Shalom.


ellen abbott said...

It's a good way to do it. Marc gave me a small party, family and close friends only, and it was a wonderful evening. I was so happy. Made turning 60 not so bad.

The Pollinatrix said...

You're making ME want to go to Paris! (Well, more than I already did; that seed was planted about a year ago when I saw Midnight in Paris and then read A Moveable Feast.)

I learned (and loved) French in school growing up in Canada, but after having lived in New Mexico for a decade, I've been slowly losing the French to the Spanish I haven't yet gained. (If that makes any sense.)

I love that you've turned Paris and French into a theme, and every time I see something Parisian on Pinterest these days, I think of you. I know this is kind of a goofy question, but do you also have a color scheme?

tut-tut said...

See if you can find Little Paris Kitchen on YouTube. very charming little cooking show

E Wix said...

Quelle bonne idee!
Je ne pas parlez francais mais est une langie formidable!
Sacre blue
etc etc.
J'espere vouz avez an charment
fete pour l'anniversaire . Quelle jour exactement?

Pam said...

Yes, I've finally decided on small too. Small dinner with close family on the day, and a few days on, lunch with eight very dear friends daughter and husband at a vegetarian restaurant-casual and intimate - I can cope with that.
The witty repartee aspect of life made my daughter come home from Germany. It really is her persona here in the land of her birth - she is in her element back with friends in her home state, and not looking forward to returning to Germany to stand at the edge of parties, also on the edge of comprehension, though she tries. Very hard to be witty when you are struggling to both speak, and understand a foreign language, - by its very nature wit is quick, responsive and decisive.
I was going fine with the 60 thing until my health started to fall apart -wasn't expecting that! - major issues than an asprin or two won't fix. That's what concerns me. It's not age we have to concern ourselves with, it's health - at any stage of our lives - I'll drink to yours Reya - long may it continue! - along with witty repartee.

Reya Mellicker said...

Elizabeth, February 13th.

Pam: I need to catch up on what's happening with you. You're quite right that health is everything. It really is.

Love and love and love to the rest of you.

Christine said...

Can I suggest a blog Paris through my lens I hope you enjoy it as much as I do

Susan said...

I am into everything French right now too. I am reading Anais Nin, learning French, and going out to eat the most delicious French pastry every made tonight! I have bee reading your blog so long now I feel like you are a part of my daily routine. Yours is the first blog I read. I don't comment much - but I always read your blog.

Happy 60th Birthday!


Reya Mellicker said...

Merci, Susan! French pastry? What a good idea! I'm going to walk down to Paul in a few minutes, a wonderful French patisserie, for a croissant. Yum!

Susan said...

You would not be alone for long in Paris. I can envision you making witty repartee with cafe artists, poets, and all other creative types - I can see you giving Shamic insight to all of them. I am sure you can get this same result at home.