Saturday, January 19, 2013

I am one with the weather

One of my teachers used to say, "The Sun is everybody's brother." It's interesting, hey? I mean, humans from the north pole to the south pole, throughout history, have worshipped the Sun. The Sun is the life giving force - literally. When European scientists began to understand the Sun as a star among all the billions and billions out there, they were thought heretical, since common wisdom held that sunlight was the light of God. Yeah, THE God. Even within Christianity, the Sun was revered. It wasn't just a pagan thing. And why not? I mean, really?

Like many U.S. citizens of the twenty first century, I believe that God = Sun does not compute. God is algorithmically more complicated than a single star at a singular moment in the history of the Universe. Also, the Sun exhibits distinctly ungodly character traits, for instance the eleven year waxing and waning cycle of his activity, and the reality of his lifespan. God doesn't have a lifespan, but the Sun (and every star) definitely does. God does not wax and wane.

But the Sun is definitely a part of my divine family, a protective older brother, watching over me, shining light into the dark corners, bringing hope and good cheer every morning when he appears in the east. That thing my teacher said, that the Sun is everyone's brother - that resonates. This is why I refer to the Sun as Brother Sun.

After relentless days of fog, heavy, featureless overcasts, stormy clouds that promised but did not produce even one snowflake - yet lingered, hanging heavy over the city - finally - yesterday, Brother Sun ripped through the overcast. I wanted to cheer.

Today Brother Sun entered Aquarius. Everything feels different. Welcome back, Brother Sun! I missed you.


Steve Reed said...

Yay! We're still a bit socked in, here, but just seeing your photos of blue sky cheered me up. :)

Pam said...

There is nothing in this world like the gentle and healing warmth of the sun -when we turn our faces to it. Unfortunately it's a bit searing in my part of the world at the moment! Our univeral Brother Sun has relentlessly scorched my garden to a crisp.

Pam said...

Further thoughts on being one with the weather...I think while we respect brother sun here, we Australians rely on the shade. Brother Sun has been known to kill those in the vast outback without access to shade or water, and goad into being skin cancers rife in our population -love the sun myself, but that bro demands respect. Our school children are taught 'no hat, no play' which is strictly enforced at break times.
Brother Sun for Aussies - reliable but fierce.

Reya Mellicker said...

Too much sun is just as bad as not enough. I've been reading about Australia, how they had to make a new color for weather maps that reflects temps in the 120's. It is so scary. Hoping cooler weather is coming for you, pam!