Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Nice Time for a Big Chill

Yesterday was a wonderful day, a graceful, lovely day in DC. The inauguration was just right. It was a huge crowd, beyond the critical mass necessary to do the magic of swearing in a president, but there were not so many people that chaos was inevitable, like four years ago. It was cold but not too cold to stay outdoors for hours on end, much warmer than last time.

There was a quiet, calm joyousness and sense of relief up and down the National Mall. Watching Sonia Sotamayor administering Vice President Biden's oath was thrilling. I kept thinking about how things were when I grew up. I would never, not EVER, have imagined such a thing, followed by the swearing in of a black president to his second term. Things have really changed in my lifetime, dramatically.

I've gotten so much more politically realistic since I moved here. One of my FB friends from upstate New York posted a status something like this: "Lovers and haters ... I feel left out. I voted for Jill Stein."

Stein's values are much more in alignment with mine than President Obama's. Once upon a time I would have voted for her, but not now. I know money, power and influence guides politics as much or more than ideology. Is this a surprise to anyone? It's not right or fair, but it is as it is, same as it ever was. If I wait until the blood sport of politics is fair and above board, well, I'll never really be able to participate. When I vote these days, I want to be a part of the deciding energy of these elections. I don't need to idolize my candidate, I just need to basically agree. That said, I completely support - and kind of envy - those who felt OK about voting for Jill Stein.

This country is way too big and diverse to be lead by one elected official. There is no individual who, as president, can satisfy every citizen, or even any citizen. I'm telling you, that job, President of the United States? It sucks!

DC turned dead cold last night, never got above 20 F. today. Tonight it will be even colder, down to 12 F. they say. A hard freeze kills the insects, sets the bulb flowers and brings an enforced stillness to this crazy city. It's an excellent wrap up for an excellent inauguration.

I tip my hat to the weather gods. Thanks, guys.

Onwards and upwards. Shalom.


ellen abbott said...

Its hard for me to imagine that so much of the country is in the grip of really cols weather when I swear it feels like spring here. Early, too early. But they are saying we have seen our coldest weather. As in no more freezes.

rania said...

It was an excellent Inauguration Day. Not too much, not too little, just right.

And that's a gorgeous picture of you, looks like you're part of a fabulous work of art.

Steve Reed said...

I feel a bit behind -- we haven't even seen the president's speech yet. Maybe we'll watch it tonight, assuming it's on YouTube. I heard about his mention of Stonewall. It IS amazing the way the country has changed, almost despite itself.

Pam said...

Beautiful photo of you Reya. Have been watching (and enjoying) the Inauguration Day activities, swearing in, speeches etc.
For what it's worth as an Australian, I like Obama, I like his family - haven't always been able to say that about some previous U.S. presidents. Your George and Laura Bush and our previous Prime Minister John Howard and wife Janet seemed particularly chummy, - I thought they all deserved each other!
I am watching Obama and his policies and suggested reforms with a keen interest.

Reya Mellicker said...

I like him too, Pam. He and his family are real people. But I don't like the drones, for instance.

Steve, he referred to his "gay brothers and sisters" in his speech. It was a great speech! Don't miss it.

Reya Mellicker said...

Pic taken in my kitchen. Thank you!