Thursday, March 15, 2012

The weather predicts me

I read this morning that the cherries will peak very early this year. This comes as no surprise! The bloom will reach its zenith a full week earlier than usual. This bodes well for a satisfying visit with the trees around the Tidal Basin. The last week of March and first week of April are when the tourist population ordinarily soars. Maybe we locals will be able to hang out with the blooms for a few days before the throngs arrives from elsewhere, ya think?

Is it selfish of me to want a little time with the cherries sans tourists? Maybe. It's hard, as a citizen of the nation's capital, to share the city with the rest of the nation. I could get into a little rant on my difficulties with tour groups and tour busses, but life is short; I'll skip it.

It's another glorious day in DC. I'll see clients this morning, spend the afternoon wandering. The weather gods have been very kind, providing with just enough warmth, abundant sunshine and pouffy trees as a backdrop for working my way out of the emotional slog of late. Hey all you deities of high pressure and springtime beauty, THANK YOU!

With my mind and heart now almost completely clear of the slog, I'm hoping to entertain more interesting ideas than those that attend my original wound. Yes, please! Shalom.


Steve Reed said...

I hope you get some "alone time" (as much as is possible) with the cherry blossoms. I can see how tourists would get on your nerves. I certainly felt the same way in both Florida and NYC!

Kerry said...

I think you should have the cherry trees all to yourself, if only briefly. But then you must share them.