Monday, March 26, 2012

Chaos theory and practice

What a crazy spring. Everything is blooming all at once - so different than the way early spring normally unfolds - and now they say we're going to have a freeze tonight. Temps will fall into the upper 20s. Good lord, how will the green world adjust? And the birds - is this bizarro weather going to mess up their migration? I haven't heard the spring birds I usually hear at this time. It's upside down and inside out this year.

As if in shamanic alignment with the crazy weather, Brother Wind is flying around in fits and starts. Is there such a thing as a gust of wind that jerks, stops, blows, changes direction, blows again? Surely there is because that's what's going on out there. In addition, the city has decided to re-brick the sidewalk in front of the Chateau. It is completely unnecessary as the sidewalk is perfect. There are many blocks on Capitol Hill that could use the new bricks. Ahh, this is the E. Capitol Street experience. It's very loud.

Brother Wind, crazy weather, and screaming brick saws should be enough, right? But there's more! I'm talking about the shenanigans ongoing seven blocks away at the Supreme Court. I hate the term "Obamacare" which is absolutely meaningless. I do not envy the justices who will hear the arguments, nor the people camped out in front of the Court since it's going to get really cold tonight. I hear sirens and bullhorn announcements from down the street. Helicoptors are circling around overhead. It's mayhem I tell you.

It would be prudent to DUCK AND COVER today. I'm going to see clients after which I might forget prudence, instead nip down to the Supreme Court, take some pics. We shall see.


Jo said...

It sounds very exciting to me. I hope you go down and take pics so we can see it all from your excellent perspective.

Just be careful not to stir up Brother Wind!

X said...

Al the time I was in germany all I heard was the wind int eh pines, the birds singing and the rush of traffic sometimes; within a few minutes of crossing the 14th street bridge the sirens started. Oy vey. Beeping of trucks, horns from cars. The mall and East gallery under construction off 4th street. Even my beloved man restraining trade statue is under construction. The world is full of deconstruction. Remain vigilant, avoid walking under ladders.

Reya Mellicker said...

My favorite astrologers keep saying it - this is a time of personal and collective re-invention.

Also construction and the necessary deconstruction before that.

Jo I think I am going to go as I don't have a late afternoon client. Should be fun!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

We were in laughable wind yesterday. We hit the beach before our 6hr drive home to give the dog a bit of a run. There were only 2 other people there and they left! Then, we drove through rain, fog, cold and wind only to end up home to the quiet still warmness. I was thinking how the crazy weather changed all around me yet I remained the same.

Val said...

i love the fact that its the breath of wind that connects us all - we breathe the same air whether its here or there; whether it carries pollen or dust or rain.

Reya Mellicker said...

Jeanette and Val: Cool thoughts! Wow.