Wednesday, March 14, 2012

love bombed - thank you!

I am much better today! Thanks, y'all, for the good energy and encouragement. Originally I planned to post yesterday as a gesture only. I meant to show myself there's no reason to feel ashamed when I'm triggered. Even at my age, it happens. I thought I would leave it up for a couple of hours, then delete it. But all the good wishes in response convinced me to leave it up.


Today I'll be out and about again in the brilliant sunshine. Temps will reach the lower 80s; I won't even need a jacket. Ahhhh... a beautiful spring day on top of the love bombs yesterday should put me straight again.

I'm very lucky to have so many great friends. Thank you. Shalom.

At the Suprasensorial exhibit at the Hirschhorn yesterday. Fantastic show! Don't miss it.


Elizabeth said...

My dear Reya, just read your last two posts and exclaim , as ever, how honest you are.
How horrid to fear abandonment. So impossibly difficult. How hard to get over. How our childhood stories haunt us FOREVER.......
sending lots of love and virtual hugs
and no, I will never leave you in the car ever

The Bug said...

I've just read the last two posts too - so glad you were love-bombed since I wasn't around to love-bomb you myself :)

I had kind of the opposite problem - clingy mom - which created it's own set of very different issues (I'm still 12 years old). But you know, I was always afraid of being left behind too. Weird. I wonder when that feeling finally went away? When I went to college on my own? Yes, probably then.

Reya Mellicker said...

Of course the car was parked in front of our house - they didn't leave me in a parking lot in the car.

There's a Star Trek Next Generation episode in which the crew keeps disappearing until Beverly Crusher is all alone on the ship. That's how I felt!

Except not as brave as Beverly Crusher.