Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Knack

OK I admit it publicly. I am a full fledged, true blue, card carrying psychic. But - so what? So are you. Please don't tell me you've never had a psychic moment - I don't believe you. The phone rings, you think, "Oh, that's so-and-so." When you answer, it is so-and-so. You wake up in the night and think about someone you love, or else that person is in a dream or you find yourself wondering how they're doing. The next day you discover that the person in question broke a leg while skiing or totaled their car.

Every one of you has walked into a room at some time or another, and thought, "Something is wrong here," or "What's going on?" before you had a clue about the dynamics in the room. Once inside, it's clear that someone is angry with someone else - or whatever. C'mon. You know what I'm talking about.

Everyone can read what one of my great teachers called "the subtle realms." Some of us ignore that talent while others among us practice tuning in to it. We work especially hard to develop a language for interpretation, the really tricky aspect of the Art. I've devoted a considerable amount of time flushing out and focusing this knack but it isn't a special talent, reserved for the few. If I had decided to practice playing the piano instead, I would probably be pretty good at it by now. Just sayin'.

I'm not one of those psychics who predicts the future. According to the Cosmology of Reya, the future is co-created, moment to moment, by every person, animal, blade of grass, by every breeze, lightning strike, rainshower, by every tectonic movement, by the effect of the solar wind, the gravity of the moon pulling on the earth, etc. etc. etc. I'm certain dark matter plays a role in co-creating the future. A person would have to see around every corner in order to truly be accurate. Because I believe in a very complex version of free will, I wonder how anyone could truly "see" the future. That said, there are a handful of psychics who are pretty good at prediction, don't ask me how they do it. But I'm not one of them. I don't really want to know the future, to be honest. What fun would that be? I'd rather discover it, moment by moment, as it unfolds in the now, then later on, reflect on it as it becomes the past. That's just me.

The visions I receive are more of what I would call wisdom teachings, a way of connecting the dots that doesn't come from any known source. Mostly the visions arrive fully formed, though I do have occasions when I'm specifically clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, too. While I was still involved with the Craft, I received a vision of what the initiation ritual could look like. This was after I had been initiated. The vision added some components to "flesh out" the ritual. Though I've been out of the Craft for many years now, that ritual format is still in use in that community. It had structural integrity that had nothing to do with me.

For a little more than a year I have been receiving visions that have to do with soul retrieval, destiny and fate. Boy does that sound pretentious. Sorry. I have received schematics and correspondences, trajectories of the processes. I have sketched the schematics at least 500 times in the last year. With every drawing, more details come to light. This week I received a flood of visions that connect our perception of stellar constellations to the processes of soul retrieval and fate.

A dark night sky is so full of stars that it's actually hard to pick out the constellations. They, and our stories about them, are a purely human construct. But I'm being shown how, by studying the constellations and the stories around them, I will be able to gain more wisdom about the shape of destiny, why we came up with the idea of destiny, and how it plays out in our lives. I'm being shown everything in the sky except the zodiac, by the way, a set of constellations that has been studied and quantified and described, that has been associated with human character and destiny for thousands of years.

This sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Willow and Liza wanted to know about the visions, hence this post. I'm sorry this is the best I can do in terms of describing what I'm currently receiving.

True, I guess, even in the psychic realm, that a vision is worth a thousand words. Maybe ten thousand words. I'm getting a clearer picture in my own mind and heart of what the visions are trying to convey, but translating it, especially here in this very long post? Just silly, isn't it?


Celestite said...

I have been listening to some talks and lectures about shamanic soul retrieval and I have to admit I don't get it. I guess I am just more of a dig-in-the-dirt sort.
I do get the Craft, however, so there is some hope.

Good journeys to you.

Steve said...

Is it really psychic to walk into a room and perceive the mood of its occupants? I never thought of it that way. I don't think I have any psychic abilities at all, but I do have the ability to perceive subtle moods in others. Maybe I just need to rethink my definitions!

Steve said...

BTW, love that bottom photo.

Barry said...

Mystery seems to be my theme song for the day.

I am interested to know what "soul retrieval" means. That's not a concept I've encountered before.

I sounds mysterious.

ellen abbott said...

Hmmm. Much food for thought. And yes, what is, or rather how do you define 'soul retrieval'?

I love the picture of the rocks.

The Bug said...

I've had MANY instances when I knew which choice I should make & then made the other one & regretted it. I don't trust my own instincts enough - probably because I'm one of those "just the facts ma'am" people.

Which is why you fascinate me so much! I'm going to try to drift your way with the way I approach the world - won't it be SO much more interesting?

Anonymous said...

I quite agree with you that we all have some sort of psychic abilit. For me, something bizarre or completely out of the norm for me to think of may pop into my mind, and I'll it go. Then later that day or a couple days later something will happen to me or someone I know, or they'll say something that pertains exactly to my previous random thought.

For example, I'll see ants on the ground, then think of the time a fire ant bit me on the leg at my grandma's house when I was a kid. Then a few hours later my sister will call and ask if it's been decided what type of tombstone will go on my grandmother's grave. I don't make the connection right away, but later on if I think about it, it all falls into place.

I think we should all open ourselves up and leave ourselves vulnerable to the signs all around us.

glnroz said...

You make me nuts.(in a good way) lol Now I have to do some research. Your post is connected to my earlier thoughts this morning before I read. I am going to list 7 things, in a post, about myself. One of those is that I rely heavily on tangible logic. BUT, my interest is pulled toward the easily "unexplained". Your thoughts whet that interest.

Merle Sneed said...

Much of what we think of as psychic moments are really our deep survival instincts at work. We are much more perceptive than our current circumstances require for survival.

If ever there was a true psychic, it would be you, my dear.

Love the photo.

NanU said...

I don't know much about being psychic, but I loooove those rocks. It does seem to do you a lot of good, though. Maybe there's something to it all.

Reya Mellicker said...

My teacher used to say that intuition is the sister of instinct. I always loved that way of looking at it.

Psychic? Perceptive? We're all talking about the same thing but there is a stigma attached to the idea of psychism in our culture at this moment in history, so those of us who love the idea of a rational world tilt away from thinking of themselves as psychic.

For me, the idea of a rational world is lovely and belongs in the realm of those who would like to think they have some sort of control. Common sense and empirical observation reveals a world that is anything but rational! OK, a tiny bit is rational.

I don't think the Knack is for everyone, Mad Texter. I believe in the power of diversity. Some play piano, some crunch numbers, some receive visions. If there is a universal talent that everyone "should" develop, I would lean towards kindness or compassion as the ultimate common demoninator.

Reya Mellicker said...

SOUL RETRIEVAL - It is s technique that has been practiced all over the world, from the north pole to the south pole, throughout history. It takes many forms including shamanic trances as Celestite mentions.

In our culture I think psychotherapy is a prime example of the way we practice soul retrieval. Do I need to say more about this?

I could write a big ole post on this. Not right now though.

Reya Mellicker said...

Steve? Yes it is psychic to perceive the moods of others.

Nancy said...

I know I have had some psychic tendencies over the years, but I think my gift may be seeing patterns in human behavior. Subtle cues and tendencies tell me things about that person. I have not always been right, but it works well when watching a who-done-it on television. :-)

Would love to hear more about your visions. Have you read The Holographic Universe? It's on my book list right now. But there is a U-Tube two-parter that explains a bit about this concept. After taking a class in Perception - I can tell you - it's based on fact.

Rose said...

I so want to know more... I am curious about all of this. I don't know what my talent is exactly, a few bits and bobs maybe, not strongly developed but your psychic abilities seem huge! Your visions sound really interesting....

Reya Mellicker said...

Rose, I have always had the knack, but I've also practiced and studied for thirty years. I've had absolutely fabulous teachers all along the way. It makes a difference.

Ronda Laveen said...

I love this post, Reya! I feel so at home when you write about this stuff. I don't know if it was the 9-9-09 energy or what, but this last week has been crazy busy in all aspects for me.

When downloads occur they are, for me, hard to explain and take some time to sort through. Huge concepts that come, sometimes, in microseconds.

I have done and assisted people with a lot of soul retrieval work for many years. When I first started studying it, I found the term confusing. But in simple terms, it just means collecting parts and pieces to create a healthy, whole being. In complex terms it can be so much more. And I agree with you that psychotherapy is, indeed, equivalent to soul retrieval.

Bee said...

I really like "the subtle realm." That totally makes sense to me. (I know who's on the phone at least half the time and I've very sensitive to the "vibes" that people put out.)

I lost you when you started talking about constellations and destiny, but hey, I don't need to understand. I'm just here to learn. Here and HERE, if you know what I mean.

Tom said...

silly? Maybe. But it's a connection I don't profess to be wired for...another connection i'm not wired for is a sense of direction. Just don't got it, at all. So I don't deny the possibility of such things, but i do believe some people are born without the receptors...sad, huh? But a person born without sight or hearing doesn't feel the loss, do they?

Barbara Martin said...

It's not silly, Reya, because I get visions too. Not often, but regular enough to know when they're important and to pay attention.

I agree every person on this planet has the ability to perceive beyond the viel. A person has to have intention to work at it before the bits and pieces become available.

The last eclipse that occurred on August 5, 2009 will produce a spiritual awakening for everyone. Each person will open to the universe in their own time, and learn about their past spiritual and soul lives.

The future continues to change as people's thoughts and actions have an effect upon it, though I think there are set situations that will occur despite free will. If everyone has positive thoughts about their future, many things would change for the better.

Yes, historically, being psychic had its disadvantages. Now, not so much, but I continue to come across skeptics.

Reya, can you send me an email as I would like to ask you something. Email address is on the front of my blog.

steven said...

hi reya, this excites me. i wish i was able to be more available to all the clouds-within-clouds of energy and manifestations that i know surround the surface of this world. steven

California Girl said...

what puzzles and scares me are the "feelings" I have that something bad is going to happen to someone. I chalk it off as fear because I cannot deal with the possibility of being correct. I am going through one now. My son leaves for Europe tomorrow morning and I'm terrified something is going to happen to him. the "feeling| won't leave me alone. there's no vision just fear. These are the kinds of things that keep me from trying to learn more.

willow said...

I totally understand what you are talking about, but I've not had any instruction on the subject. Those wisdom teachings come to me quite regularly. I never thought of labeling them as visions. You are just wetting my appetite, Reya!

jaclempner said...

I find this so fascinating. I have had a few visions, maybe more than I realize. I've never tried to develop it, but I love hearing about what you're experiencing right now. I've always felt there is more to life than "the facts."

The rocks are beautiful. I have a little collection on my deck railing right now from my children and friends.

tut-tut said...

Oh, Reya; I wish you'd just keep posting on this. You make me remember so much from the past that was remembering the past. If you understand. If it is psychic to perceive the moods of others, then I have it in spades . . .

Liza said...

Thanks for sharing this part of yourself Reya. It is not ridiculous at all. When we pay attention, it's amazing how chatty the universe really is.
The title of your post made me think of the band The Knack.
My Sharona anyone? lol

Meri said...

Intriguing. I rarely "see" things, but "know" things that no one can figure out how I know. My seeing usually takes the form of dreams, but lately I haven't remembered a lot of dreams. My kids are dreamers of things that later happen, something they thought weird but I just thought as a kid that everybody did that. Do they?

A Cuban In London said...

Yes, you're right, although I wouldn't call myself a psychic. I definitely think thay our brain is capable of producing information that many of us might find unbelievable (italicise that word, please :-D). I can certainly anticipate people I'll run into, especially if I have not seen them for a long time. All it takes me is a fleeting image of them flashing up on my mind and voila! there they are, knocking on my door.

Interesting post, as usual and subject to many readings.

Greetings from London.

Gary said...

I have always trusted my gut feeling about things and taken that seriously. For instance if I feel for some unexplained reason, which does not come up too often, that I should not do something or go somewhere etc I don't do it. I'll never know but I trust that listening has helped me avoid some difficult circumstances. I also strongly believe in free will and the unfolding of our lives which is why I turn away from the notion of someone planting a seed in my head that such and such will happen. In those instances it seems that we either fight to avoid it or make it happen which is not a way to lead an authentic life.

The struggle for understanding is noble and timeless. I do love myths because they seem to be a way of understanding, hence my interest in the work of Joe Campbell (follow your bliss). Great post. It makes me even more desirous of getting you alone some time and chatting.

Reya Mellicker said...

OK now the tune "My Sharona" is going through my head. Ha!!

Tom, I bet you have the knack, but I have no agenda around you recognizing it. You're a creative genius and a very kind and wonderful person, which is more than enough to create a beautiful, satisfying life for yourself. I salute you, the exception that proves the rule.

Steven you look right through the veil every day! Your blog is a written record of mysticism as it expresses itself in your human life. So so beautiful.

What I kept thinking about all day yesterday was what Merle Sneed said, that

"We are much more perceptive than our current circumstances require for survival."

YES. Wow. That is so interesting, thinking about how we have begun to evolve our minds now that every day isn't a fight for survival. How we're using those primal capacities to peer deeper into "reality."

Merle, you're a genius!

Loon said...

This was such a generous post, Reya, as was the one before, and the ones after. Thank you for your blog. The way the energies come in waves and can be overwhelming resonates a lot with me, and I appreciate what it takes to remain coherent, taking small doses to notice better what's coming through, balancing inner with giving back to the outer, and so much more your thoughts bring up for me. Photos are rich, so rich. I hope we can keep connecting.