Friday, September 25, 2009

Inner and Outer Visions

"Diffuse Glow" is the name of one of the "distortions" that can be applied in Photoshop. I've placed a diffuse glow over both pics accompanying today's post.

My pics have not been all that interesting to my eye lately. I'm tired of looking at the same old things, the leaves scattered on the pavements, reflections in shiny cars, shadows. Placing diffuse glow on top of these images makes them slightly more intriguing to my eye as I search for something new to photograph.

It's actually no mystery that the same old sights are no longer so compelling. A recent onslaught of visions has been more intense than any psychic download of recent years, rendering my old way of looking at the world obsolete, dated, and boring. Most of these visions are showing me new ways to look at the same things, they are providing my mind with fresh ideas about the same-old, same-old from the inside out, mostly.

For instance, during a Reiki session this week, in my mind's eye, I "saw" the spirit guide I call Grandpa carving a totem pole of light on or close to the spine of my client. I realized in a flash of diffused glow insight that he has been working on a similar totem pole inside me for a long time. What that means, I can't tell you, but the realization had impact. At what level does an insight become a revelation? You tell me.

I also now "see" that the big dipper, in its rotation around the Pole Star, dips every night into the underworld, scooping up souls that are then carried into the sky and later "poured" into the small dipper. In other words, the constellations routinely perform soul retrieval on a huge scale, something we humans have been doing in a much smaller, more personal way since the beginnings of consciousness. I wonder if that's where we got the idea of soul retrieval in the first place? As above, so below. Oh yeah.

Is that too weird? OK. Another, more down-to-earth revelation is that for the first time this week, I SAW, with my own eyes, the Sufi acupuncturist's physical beauty. When I look at him what I'm accustomed to seeing is genius, brilliance, the legacy of Chinese medicine's ancient wisdom shining through his intelligent eyes. But when my clients go to see him, they always say, "Reya why didn't you tell me he is so CUTE?" I never understood what they were talking about. But this week I looked at him and saw what my clients are always talking about. It wasn't romantic or lustful in any way, but it was a visual revelation. He is so gorgeous! Wow.

Not surprisingly, my physical eyes have felt very tired and achey, overexposed. It's been difficult to gaze into the computer screen and TV, which is why I've not been around visiting y'all as I usually do.

What does it mean when one's field of vision shifts so dramatically? It all seems very exciting, as it should to a philosopher mystic which is, after all, what I am. But maybe it just sounds crazy to you. Does it? Has this ever happened to you?

Michelle Obama made it happen - a farmer's market on Vermont Avenue just behind Lafayette Park. All that organic food radiates good vibes in a neighborhood that's usually just businesslike. Talk about moxie!


Joanne said...

I like the visual suggested by your totem pole of light. Very strong, very characteristic of you. My field of vision has shifted from time to time over the years, mostly resulting in a greater sense of my self.

ewix said...

Farmers' Market= bliss to me.
I have been having very strange powerful dreams lately.
A sense of change about me. Things very clear and bright. I liked your different less tight pictures.

Whitney Lee said...

I like the diffuse glow. It makes everything a little softer, a little more otherworldly. Perhaps with your more sensitive eyes it helps to have fewer defined lines and harsh edges.

Hasn't this whole period of time for you been one of altering the way you see things? A complete shift of perspective, if you will. Perhaps now that you've gotten somewhat adjusted to the idea that the way you perceive things may not be the only way they are, the universe feels you are open enough to absorb these new revelations. I would view this as a gift and an opportunity.

Peaches said...

I am an's the artist in me. Art is about seeing for me...and I don't necessarily need to know the meaning behind what I see, which confuses many of my more analytical friends... what I see... Your images are a 'return.' Months ago many of your images were looking down or at the horizon. After Jake your images were mostly above the, tops of tress or buildings. Then they drifted down to mid level for a while...tops of cars... Now you are looking down again...but longing for a new way to see. A visual shift...I look forward to seeing your photographic shift...but don't think about it...just see.

lakeviewer said...

What did Michelle Obama do? The market hadn't been there before? How did she know? Does she shop in the neighborhood?

steven said...

hello reya - there are eyes and there are eyes. my green eyes let me see the surface of this world. i'm really grateful for that even though the noise of that seeing overshadows the seeing of my inner eyes which let me see what else is there. i can tell you lots about what i see with my green eyes. but not so much about what i see with my inner eyes. the words to describe that stay stuck inside. so i'm awestruck when i meet people like you who can articulate what they see. i've known three - all women, who saw clearly beyond the surface of things. your articulation of the totem pole is especially powerful to me. dreams started flooding through me six days ago. i don't usually remember my dreams but these ones stayed with me. they are house-cleaning dreams (not literally but dealing with surface issues!!) which, once cleared away, open the door for the one or two big symbol-laden dreams that i then unpack and live inside for whatever amount of time is necessary. sweet dreams! steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Peaches yes I will listen to your wisdom and just SEE. Thank you!

Lakeviewer - nice new avatar!

Michelle Obama lives in this neighborhood - if you gave into the distance in the pic, you'll be looking right at Lafayette Park which is just in front of the White House. I doubt she'll be allowed to shop at the market very often, due to the need for such serious security, but it's there, one block from the White House. I think it's great!

Bought the best tomatoes I have ever had there. Yum!!

Reya Mellicker said...

Yes Elizabeth, what I'm seeing these days isn't so tight!

k-brow said...

Diffuse glow reminds me of the irridescent glitter I see bouncing off plants in the sun...does anyone else see that?

Re-reading my old journal from the past year (not the blog) I was struck by a revelation of sorts. I think I went through a sort of shamanic crisis; I'd written a long reflection about the demise of a friendship with my dogs' trainer, and reasons for that. That same day, I became suddenly stricken with a flu, I'd noted how surprisingly it came on, and how sick I was, for days. I didn't connect the two events, even though they happened in the same day, but re-reading the account, it felt really clear that one had opened the door for the other.

Steve said...

It makes sense that you would want to vary the subject of your photography, and challenge yourself to see things in new and different ways. I do that too, sometimes -- I've been trying to feature more people in my photos, for example. But at the same time, I think the unique way you see is part of your beauty, so you don't want to try to push away from that too strongly.

Post a picture of the Sufi acupuncturist, will you? :)

Reya Mellicker said...

I'll try to sneak a pic of the Sufi acupuncturist, Steve, I promise. As often happens, you and I are on a wavelength! Yeah!! I, too, am wanting to take more pics of people. It's awkward for me. I hate having my own pic taken so I always feel intrusive, capturing the images of others.

K-brow - must email you. Whoa, girl!!

Ronda Laveen said...

I love the "diffuse glow." Like separate dimension(s). There is more space between the denser matter or an inward turned eye.

The masters are setting out new energy grids. In fact, in two weeks I will be in Vail to spend a week with my guru, Sai Maa Lashmi Devi. Wednesday morning I awoke with a psychic rap on the noggin. The message...class is in session now. Pay attentiin and tune into the grid. It is up. It was so clear!

lettuce said...

I see different things these days

I hope you've been able to rest your tired eyes a bit.

Reya Mellicker said...

Lettuce I'm going to go see the osteopath this week, let him work on my cranial bones. That should help.

Ronda, wow. When has class NOT been in session? But you're saying this is a new school year? Please explain?

Hammer said...

What does it mean when one's field of vision shifts so dramatically? ... Has this ever happened to you?

Happening right now actually. It's odd, but also fun, exciting, and yet vaguely sad all at the same time. Of course there are plenty of folks who would simply attribute this to the change in season, and while I'm sure that's part of it, I think there's more going on.

I made some seemingly minor changes to some of my routines, and the next thing I know - blammo - no interest at all in sailing many of the comfortable old waters. And it's not out of some forced desire to shake things up or seek adventure or "newness." It feels more like I'm simply looking around and saying "I'm not here anymore - I'm there."

None of the past is wasted though. It reveals itself in tiny, almost imperceptible ways throughout everything that happens. What's interesting is watching resonant pieces of past latch on to new refence points in the now. It's like my whole conversion chart is being shaken up. X may still echo A, but it no longer corresponds to A, and it seems like it's taking D out for a test drive. X = A is has gone from being a truth to an old 4x6 print stashed in a cardboard box.

Ronda Laveen said...

I will elaborate. Might take a post though. Nice to see Hammer around again. Sorry about typo in prior comment. Just saw was late and I was tired.


Reya Mellicker said...

Hammer, as often happens, we are on a wavelength. You in your big ole rental car and me here with my shifted vision. I love you, dear.

Bee said...

I find the words "diffuse glow" very appealing. I like a bit of romantic blur, though, which is not exactly what you are getting at. I do think it sounds very exciting, though: all of these new possibilities.

Barbara Martin said...

I have shifted vision now and then, though more so of late. I think, Reya, you are being prepared to view deeper things within the universe to assist your healing.

As for Ronda's comment about school, I have dreams where I have been to soul school to upgrade on some aspect of my soul growth. These are often at a time when my personal life is in some sort of flux.

Steph... said...

I really like this post!
Its a different view...