Saturday, September 19, 2009


I understand why the movement towards sustainable, earth-loving lifestyles is called the Green Movement. As an earth-based dweller, I associate that color with the bounty of the dirt, i.e. the green world of plants and trees.

But from anywhere above the surface, this is a blue world. Though I am indeed a creature of earth and depend on the green world for shelter, food and most importantly, oxygen, I also need blue. I get my daily quota of blue mostly from the daytime sky. Washington DC is a very sunny place most of the time, one of the reasons I love it. Sometimes I get my blue from the river, but day to day, I must rely on the arching cup of our atmosphere, refracting sunlight just so, to quench my thirst for blue.

The energy of Washington DC is very swamp like - low and close to the ground. That, and the fact that the Masons who designed this city believed no building should stand taller than the Capitol, means I have a lot of access to the sky even though I live in the center of an urban area.

Any prolonged stay in NYC would at last begin to drain my life force due to a shortage of blue. The rivers there are not particularly blue. It's a beautiful city of tall cliffs, like living on the floor of a metallic Grand Canyon. I wonder how New Yorkers get their fix of blue. Too long away from blue, and I begin to shrivel but maybe they have different color needs than I. Who knows?

It's a beautiful day in DC today. My plan is to take a long walk, breathe lungfuls of clean air, listen to the birds and drink in, through my eyes, the deep, robin's egg blue of this perfect early autumn day. It's good to be home. There's no place like it.

My your thirst for color be quenched. Oh yeah!

The Empire State Building was my constant companion on my recent NY visit. I saw it from everywhere I went. It was like a beacon showing me that, literally, the sky's the limit.


Deborah said...

central park
the ocean

the rocky mountains


Margaret Gosden said...

Your take on the ESB is soo funny! Reminds me of that leaning tower in Italy, which i hope will never happen! Do visit soon again and show us what else you can do with our 'cliffs'!

Rose said...

I like the idea of people having different colour needs...

steven said...

i'm home with blue reya. it has been my peace for more than thirty years - all its shades, all its shadows, all its sing-songy brightness on packaging and its way soft quiets in the skies and water. but especially in that one blue that edges the rim of violet that i see at sunset sometimes. have a lovely dc day. steven

Elizabeth said...

Lovely and blue today too!
I think I love all colors really, in different sorts of ways for different reasons
but blue is bliss.

Barbara Martin said...

Blue is my main colour, followed by green, dark red, yellow and browns. Earth colours.

Liza said...

That Empire State Building collage is fantastic!
I feel free when I look up into the blue.
Enjoy your day.

ellen abbott said...

Blue has always been my favorite color though I don't wear it much these days. I was probably in my early late 30s before blue ceased to be my first choice of color for clothing. I switched to green and then to varying shades of purple. But I must have my big blue sky. I noticed during my trip to the Rockies how blue the sky is up there in the thin air. Very intense. But there just wasn't enough of it. The arc of sky was too narrow. I'm happy here on my coastal plains.

Steve said...

I love blue, and interestingly I don't feel like I lack it at all in NYC. On the day you were here most recently, things happened to be rather gray, but we often have very blue days. You're right that we're locked in by those canyons, but it's amazing how much sun and sky can still get to us on the ground!

Reya Mellicker said...

Steve, if I had a chance to get used to it, I would learn to love canyon living, I'm sure of it!

Linda Sue said...

My eyes are blue so I see a lot of it no matter where I am- I am in love with your collage shot- TOO COOL!

Dan Gurney said...

You make a good point about the earth being blue. And I love blue, too. Perhaps the Greens avoided blue is because of "the blues." Why exactly blue is associated with sadness is a matter of curiosity for me.

Tom said...

the blue sky, tinted with white wisps...uh huh.

Asimov created a world, i think Trantor?, that was enclosed entirely by one great city...built over another city and over another city, etc...populated mostly by civil servants... no sky, no green, only metal. Depressing.

Barry said...

Strangely, I am wearing a blue shirt this morning, although green is my favourite colour. But don't feel badly for blue, it's my second favourite.

Like Dan, I have no idea why blue is associated with sadness. It seems a very happy colour to me.

Ronda Laveen said...

We have so much blue here in sunny California that I find myself taking it for granted sometimes.

I love your side bar photo. It looks like you are wearing blue, the man's shirt looks like blue plaid, and the blue of your banner over the blue lead picture make this look like a wonderful theme post.

C.M. Jackson said...

blue is infinite--when we look up into a clear blue sky, the possibilities are endless amd all who love you are smiling down upon you-blessings-c

karen said...

Beautiful blueness! Our blue skies are currently white/grey due to the smoke from bush fires.

Thanks for the great NY update, and some more words from the Cosmology of Reya! (I'm still catching up here)

hele said...

in the mandau traditional blue is the colour of the grandmothers and water is the place where they live.

i would love to share what i can about my initiation with you. my email is helena (at) biosynergetics (dot) co (dot) za

with regards to a gentle teacher, i too have yet to meet one - yet my heart craves to learn through love and laughter as well as through the fire of initiation. blue water.

Mrsupole said...

I guess it is true that here in Sunny California we do take our blue skies for granted. But it is always nice to look out and see the beautiful blue skies and since we do not have that many tall buildings, except in downtown areas, we get to see lots and lots of blue sky all the time.

Maybe that is why I do not like the downtown areas, I just never knew why, just that I feel so closed in when I am there.

Thank you for sharing this blue post. I love blues, purples, reds, oranges, greens, just lots of colors, and even white and black are beautiful. Color is beautiful.

God bless.

A Cuban In London said...

A lot of people see London as a foggy, cloudy and grey city and yet it's anything but. The fact that there are many low rise buildings give the British capital an almost provincial air sometimes. Last night as I drove through northwest London en route to the more opulent southwest I was struck by how much I still have to learn about my second homeland.

I enjoyed this snapshot of your beloved city so much and like you I need my daily dose of bluy sky. Especially in autumn.

Greetings from London.

jaclempner said...

I remember the blue of autumn skies in DC - after a hazy, muggy summer they were always so remarkable and so welcome!

Reading this post reminded me of an article I read in the Washington Post when I still lived there (about 20 years ago). It was a piece comparing the art of DC to the art of NY and the differences in the use of color in art between the 2 cities. The theory was that DC art often used brighter colors because the city is bathed in light as opposed to the darker works seeming to come more frequently from NY. The DC artist that the article was highlighting was Morris Louis.

I'm getting ready to go to work and am looking forward to my dose of blue sky today!