Thursday, December 11, 2008


Damn it's wet out there. A steady rain has been falling from a thick grey overcast all day long. The dogs don't mind. Jake is snoring loudly, happy as a clam. But I'm feeling restless mostly because I wish it was snow falling from the sky. Earlier in the week, the nice weather people on TV promised a first snowfall. In spite of how unpredictable the weather can be, I was counting on it. I like rain, but I LOVE snow. But I shouldn't have expected snow ... what was I thinking?

I believe in direct encounters with the natural world every day, even if the weather isn't exactly perfect, which is why I forced myself outside even though I couldn't find my umbrella. Of course I was drenched within five minutes. I carried on, nevertheless, crossed the park, walked a few blocks to Eastern Market where I bought everything I'll need to make cream of mushroom soup later this afternoon.

By the time I finished my errands, I was so wet that my clothes were saggy and heavy, and my feet made that squishy sound inside my boots like in the cartoons. To cheer myself for the walk home, I bought a nice bottle of red wine. It'll go well with the soup, at least that's my excuse. Maybe I'll surrender to the entropy of the day and watch a Hugh Grant movie this afternoon. Why not?


tut-tut said...

We are experiencing the same storm chain here; pretty wild out. A wintry mix has been predicted for tonight! but exams loom tomorrow for L.

My thought was white bean, kale, and chorizo soup!

Adrianne said...

I like connecting with the weather, too, and walk my dogs at the cemetery twice a day, every day, in rain, snow, ice, wind, shine, what-have-you. Just now there were only two other people out there, but all three people and all six dogs had a great time. Now my Jake and Amos are sound asleep (which means that one side of them will dry while the other side imparts that lovely wet dog smell into the living room rug).

Note to Tut-Tut -- your soup sounds fab! I recently have discovered the wonders of white beans.

willow said...

We had all that rain yesterday. You guys out east always get it a day later. :P

Mushroom soup and Hugh Grant a cozy combo!

deborah said...

a dog just like jake saved his family in oklahoma today

he took three bullets and lived

so did everyone else

yea jake doggies


Reya Mellicker said...

white bean, kale, and chorizo soup

Y U M !!

Oh Adrianne I bet the cemetary was really muddy. I salute you.

Deborah, yes. I do believe in his prime Jake would have died for me in a split second. He's in his last days now, though, unable to save anyone, even himself. Such is the way of life, eh?

BTW it's STILL raining.

Merle Sneed said...

We might get rain over the weekend. I hope so.

Miranda said...

oooh yum. Can I come over and watch Hugh Grant and drink some of your soup and red wine? JUST what I feel like!

I've tagged you over at mine if you can be bothered! (But please don't feel obliged!)

ArtSparker said...

Hope you found your umbrella, or get another - Yikes, be careful with that...There are some nice umbrellas out, one with a design of peacock feathers I've seen.

There is a story, I believe, that starts with "All day the rain came down". I don't know which story, but it's a great beginning.

Lynne said...

wow, you mirrored my exact thoughts yesterday. I was SO hoping for snow but we only got tons of rain (around 3 inches to be exact). You know me, always whining this time of year when we don't get snow. Such a bummer. I made myself star decorating the house yesterday. I'm not sure it helped my mood any.
Oh well ...

Steve said...

We're looking pretty bleak and rainy here, too. I went to see "Milk" at the theater last night -- EXCELLENT movie. I love going to movies on rainy days.

And apparently it snowed down south. Bizarre!

Barbara Martin said...

Tonight its been pouring rain. Three days ago snowflakes were drifting down ever so softly. I've been wishing for a good dump of snow, so I posted a photo of deep snow found in the mountains.

lettuce said...

thats a funny car sticker