Friday, December 21, 2007

When You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

A couple of days ago I finally figured out what you have to do at this time of year. Surrender. Surrender to the holidays. It's not about being Jewish or Christian or Pagan or any other religion, oh no. It's a national holiday as impossible to ignore as Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July. Even trying to resist is just plain silly.

You see, I'm democratic by nature (small d, though I'm capital D, too). There are so many people I love. To send greetings to all of them would require a staff of 20 people who would have to work around the clock to get all the cards mailed, gifts wrapped, dates and drinks and dinners arranged. I might even have to hire people to attend some of the dinners and drinks in my place. After all, I'm also working like a dog and there are only 24 hours in a day.

What do I do when faced with this dilemma? I give up, try to hide, try to pretend the holidays aren't really important to me or some such bullshit. I fill my schedule at work to overfull so I don't have the energy to do anything once I get home, except collapse.

For heaven's sake.

So, for the past couple of days I've surrendered to the frenzy. It's better, actually, making cards (most of them not yet mailed), shopping for gifts, trying to get everything wrapped and addressed, as opposed to sitting in my room, sullen and pouting, or oblivious. In fact, I've been having fun in my mini-frenzy. Who could have guessed?

It's clear that I will not be able, as usual, to send holiday greetings to everyone I care about, but I think the truth is that all I have to do is send as many as I can, and trust that the people who don't get a card or gift understand it isn't because I don't love them.

Note to self: Send cards, give gifts. On December 24th, STOP. Then, relax, Reya. Relax! Gosh.

The moon is full and solstice is upon us. Life is good and I am grateful.


Barbara said...

I was wondering if you could take a picture through the Star-of-David glasses. You just confirmed it. Very cool!

d. chedwick bryant said...

Very Cool picture-- it is hard to type with Dennis standing nearby screaming -- I'm glad for this post.


Reya Mellicker said...

Ched - do you and Dennis need mediation? He's not as bad as his reputation ... is he?

Barbara, I'm thrilled with the results. Yes. I held the glasses in front of my camera lense. Voila!

lettuce said...

great picture!!!

i'm glad you are having a fun frenzy.

I dreamed about my trip to America and walking around the streets with you - it was so nice to be together!

Lynne said...

It does help when you give in and do some Christmasy like things. I didn't want to decorate the tree but once I got going it was good. I'm glad you're having fun!

Love the pic, very cool effect!

Reya Mellicker said...

Lettuce thank you so much for coming to visit my dream. Pod visits me regularly in my dreams. Should we have a slumber par-tay?

The pic is taken through the special 3-D glasses they hand out at Temple Micah for Hanuukah. All points of light, like candle flames or Christmas tree lights, turn into stars of David. Everyone LOVES trying on the glasses. What's not to love? They're so cool, cheesy and so very funny.

Aileen said...

Ah yes! I'm so glad you're finding joy in this season...

I have tried to not be fully "into" the holidays, as I'm not a Christian (though raised Catholic). But I can't help it, I love the lights, I love the kids, I love connecting with people I haven't spoken to in awhile...I just LOVE it!

So I'm just gonna go with it!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Beautiful image, Reya.

I hope you'll have a wonderful, happy and blessed Christmas and I'm going to try and follow your advice and just surrender to it all.

d. chedwick bryant said...

Dennis has a cat version of Tourette's syndrome.
Nothing to do but live with it.

Gary said...

I have not wanted to ignore the holiday but it seems that sometimes life gets in the way of celebrations. That is sad because life should BE a celebration, no? Today I finally have a moment to listen to Christmas music while wrapping gifts and writing cards. I am glad that you have surrendered to the frenzy. Sometimes it is easier not to resist and simply enjoy.

I also want to throw my hat in the ring and applaud you on this wonderful picture.

Steve said...

Oh, Reya. That photo should be a greeting card in itself. (And I guess, in a way, it is!)