Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Seven Dragons, et. al.

S N O W !!!

There wasn't a lot of it, but that's fine. This early in the season, snow is a wonderful surprise. It's fluffy and drifty and beautiful - and still falling at 3:00 pm on Capitol Hill. Snow cleans the air and, if it accumulates, temporarily transforms the landscape into an open body of water. I love snow.

I watched the snow begin in earnest this morning through the window of the Sufi acupuncturist's treatment room as I lay on the table, receiving a treatment called Release of the Seven Dragons. For awhile he held my head and chanted prayers in Arabic, too. He waved his hands around me just the way I do when I'm re-arranging a client's energy field. What, I ask you, is not to love about the Sufi acupuncturist? Meanwhile in shamanic alignment with the treatment, frozen crystals fell from the sky and a firetruck (so like a fire dragon) roared past the office building. The timing was perfect.

This morning I was the lucky recipient of a multi-dimensional healing in which early season snowflakes, the DC Fire Department, a Sufi acupuncturist and even the dragons were involved. Isn't that cool?

To all the natural forces that came together so magically for me today:

I am in awe. Thank you, I salute you. Well done!


Barbara said...

I'm glad everything came together for you this morning. Even I have come to the realization that it's coat weather. Probably hat weather too, but I don't have one. But I did wear gloves and a scarf when I went into DC today.

How in the world did you take the last picture?

Hammer said...

"Get a gripe"???

Man, people in this town already whine too much as is...

Lynne said...

Wow, you had quite the day!

Love the colors in the first pic; and love the creative "Get a Grip" in the second one.

I find snow to be healing. It also has protective qualities.

So here's hoping that the magic of today settles over you and heals you like the snow's protective blanket!

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks, ya'all.

The reflection is off a bus shelter ad for "Zero Coke" or ... "Coke Zero" ? Whatever. The shelter is at 3rd where D Street coincides with Mass Ave, right by Union Station. That's snow on my hat.

I love snow.

d. chedwick bryant said...

Beautiful post, and the get a grip is fun,

we had snow here again too--so pretty. Our flakes were the tiniest I have ever seen and floated down really slowly--but they seemed very organized, like a group working together. dennis and I just sat in the window and stared at them.

Reya Mellicker said...

It's nice to know about other dimensions of Dennis - different than the ones Ched isn't so fond of.

Hammer? Heheheheheheh.

kimy said...

synchronicity such a magical, powerful force, isn't it?

a good day. lovely pics (as usual)

Moonroot said...

"This morning I was the lucky recipient of a multi-dimensional healing in which early season snowflakes, the DC Fire Department, a Sufi acupuncturist and even the dragons were involved."
I think this would make the best first line of a novel, ever! Don't suppose you feel inclined to write one??

momentary academic said...

Your pictures. They are healing in and of themselves!

IntangibleArts said...

Synchronicities...they're not just for breakfast anymore.

Oddly, the thing that makes the shot (top photo), for me anyway, is the tiny detail of the UPS WAS HERE sticker in the doorway, through the tree...

It's the little things.

Steve said...

I agree with Moonroot. That's a fabulous line!

Interesting how you got a fair amount of snow -- I don't think we got as much here.

I'm applauding your healing forces!

kimy said...

yesterday when I flew into dc I was blown away by the snow - not much, but enough to make everything so beautiful especially with the contrast of the blue skies (a contrast unfortunately I don't see often where I'm currently living). unfortunately this morning, it's looking more like what I'm used to seeing in the winter....grey skies heavy with the promise of more stuff!

I hope I can meet you in the flesh tomorrow! call if your dancecard is free! you have my number!

ps agree with moonroot....great opening line!

lettuce said...

glad about all your magical and healing treatments.

envious about your snow.