Saturday, March 2, 2013

Crepuscular insight

If the weather gods could put together 4 or 5 consecutive days of 50 F. temps, the trees would pop. They're fuzzy, swollen at the tips of their branches and twigs, all lined up and good to go, like runners waiting for the starting bell.

I've been feeling impatient as all get-out. Today it came to me that I'm channeling the season. My human life is great; there is nothing going on that would make me impatient. I'm feeling what, in Chinese medicine, is called wood energy: that pushing, bursting rush of energy that accompanies the first part of spring. Can you imagine how much energy it takes to bust out of a bulb and push through the hard winter ground? The sheer power of the green world always amazes me.

How annoying that the weather refuses to comply with the upwards push of the green world. It's not freezing, but it's raw and cold enough that I had to put on the full regalia of winter outerwear for my walk today. Spring is tapping its foot and drumming its fingers. Meanwhile, in DC, it's cold and bleak. Me? I've been cranky.

While waiting for something to change outside, I've been reading a lot. I just read a story by a FB friend, someone I've never met, that's a revelation. What we need to know is readily available if only we will listen. I say that all the time; so glad to remember it's actually true.

Here's a link to his story, named The Weather Coming Off All Things. What a story. It's beautiful.

There surely is a weather coming off all things. Good lord, this language is perfect. It names something I've been unable to articulate in the past. What I've said is that everything, for me, depends on the feeling it gives me. I'm not a great thinker. My mind is extremely slow and dense, but I can sense energy. Every good decision I've made has been the result of scanning the energy. When I try to be rational, I tend to make mistakes, sometimes terrible mistakes. Oh my.

I notice the weather coming off the Capitol, the monuments, my beloved Potomac river, the horse statues of Washington DC, people at Whole Foods, etc. I carefully watch the weather coming off my clients and friends, I tune in to the weather coming off the Matchbox Bar. Is it any wonder I'm so fascinated with meteorology? Wow. This is how I understand the world. Now I have a way to explain it.

I'm crap at predicting earth's weather. As a shaman and a midwesterner I should be able to put my finger to the wind and predict the coming storms or calm sunny days. I always guess wrong, because the weather predicts me, not the other way around. It surely does. Now I have words with which to explain the way I move through the world. I'm kind of in awe.

Also grateful to the angels (including angels of random coincidence) who are responsible for putting me in touch with this brilliant idea. The weather coming off all things. Wow.

Let there be light. Shalom.

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