Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dark moon, beautiful weather. All is well.

Spring is glorious, spring is tumultuous, stormy, calm, clear, and raw, sometimes all at the same time. Spring is a crazy season. And as I am a priestess of seasons and weather, in spring, I too am crazy. Perhaps I should say crazier since I'm normally a few chips short of  fish dinner, or so they say.

This weekend in DC is replete with the glorious aspect of spring. Temperatures today will rise into the 60s F. I noticed yesterday that I'm definitely not the only person who was going stir crazy after the gloomy chill of February. Everyone was out yesterday. Eastern Market and Lincoln Park were full of people and dogs. I saw neighbors I haven't run into in months. It's always great to stop, chat, catch up a little bit. It was a cheerful scene everywhere I walked. Friends who went to the National Gallery reported that the national mall was full of people, too. Lovely.

The windows are open and I've reclaimed my perch on the front steps of the chateau between clients. Spending time outdoors is a major component of my Plan to Stay Sane. Though I got out every day during February, and even went out in the midst of the Faux Snow last Wednesday, it hasn't exactly been fun out there. Yesterday was gorgeous and so is today. I look forward to a leisurely stroll after work. It will seem so early to be finished with my day. That's the fun part of Daylight Savings Time.

Winter has worn itself out and is now in retreat. I speak from the perspective of the landscape in which I live. Friends in New York, Iowa and Colorado are still shoveling snow.

But here, spring has sprung. Grandfather Winter, I have this to say to you: Hasta la vista, baby.



Pam said...

Everyone is still indoors here in South Australia - past the first week of March and we still battle with heat. We'd be liking to be doing a lot of hasta la vida-ing ourselves with the weather - hopefully the chance will come soon. Enjoy those spring blossoms - they always look so charming against a bright blue sky.

Kerry said...

Omigosh what gorgeous photos: it is definitely spring in DC! It's beginning here in the NW as well, and I was just going through the photos taken in the past 2 days, looking at them, wondering what to say.