Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Give peace a chance

I'm feeling peaceful today. It's an unusual sensation for me, especially of late. There are layers of reasons why I decided to go ahead and get my Shalom tattoo, including the truth that I need to contemplate, consider and cultivate peace every day. My tendency in life is to tilt into the prevailing tempo which has been, for awhile now, rather intense and transformational. Transformation is strenuous! Holy cow.

I include the visit to the doctor yesterday in the category of intense and transformational. I always say I'm holistic in my approach to health care. I mean truly holistic, including every kind of medicine. But I don't practice what I preach. Except yesterday I made a start towards assimilating ultra-modern medicine into my practice of aggressive self care.

It's too soon to say if my allergy meds are working. I'm breathing easily, but - it's raining today. Rain collects pollen and brings it down - rainy days and the first clear day after a rain are my best moments during allergy season. However, I will snort the nasal spray and use the eyedrops. One drop per day - that stuff must be so strong! No matter how expensive it was, I'm glad to have it. My sense is that over the counter medication tends to be a melange of substances. The more crap they add, the more they hope to boost the sense that it's working. Caffeine is in so many medications, for instance. It is a painkiller, so I guess it's fair. But my sense is that prescription drugs are cleaner, more to the point, if you know what I mean. I'm charging them with Reiki and taking them as directed.

Another blessing yesterday, in the midst of the wise, healing and auspicious new moon, was a letter from a friend I have not kept in touch with, someone who was kind, gracious and generous with me when I was freshly crazy from my upbringing. She was a wonderful friend, now an art historian and curator in Kansas City. Receiving a hand written letter is always a treat, especially nowadays, but a letter like this from someone so dear to me, a person who inadvertently dropped out of my saga a long time ago for reasons I can't remember, is nothing short of a soul retrieval.

I have the day off work today. I'm going to check out the Pre-Raphaelite show at the National Gallery again in a little while. I can't get enough of those hilarious and exquisite paintings and photos.

Said with conviction today: Life is good and I am grateful. Shalom.


ellen abbott said...

I have heard that some of those nasal sprays are self-perpetuating, that they are addictive causing the condition they are meant to clear up. So you might think about that. I might be wrong.

Steve Reed said...

I hope your meds work (and are free of the dangers Ellen mentioned). I love that last photo. It's true that getting a hand-written letter is a very special rarity these days. I can't remember the last time I received (or wrote) a letter by hand.

Reya Mellicker said...

If the nasal spray works, I don't care if I get addicted to it. This year, I want to breathe. I am seriously that desperate to breathe.

I'm still under the care of the Sufi acupuncturist. I'll be ok.