Friday, March 8, 2013

Good riddance

I know the dementors were made up by R.K. Rowling, metaphors for her memory of depression. But dementors are real, at least in my cosmology. When they're around, hope, peace and happiness are absent. In fact, almost every kind of feeling is absent, even the sweet emotion of sadness is inaccessible.

Just like Ms. Rowling, I have known deep depression, hence I have a certain rapport with the dementors. It's not something I'm proud of.

The good news is that it has been a long time since I was deeply depressed. Thank God. But I recognize the feeling of dementors. When they're hovering, I make sure I have an ample supply of dark chocolate. I sit myself down at the Matchbox Bar where good vibes prevent dementor intrusions. I stick close to my near and dear ones and try not to succumb.

The No Snowstorm earlier this week screamed of dementor energy. I wasn't the only one who felt it, believe me. In the wake of the storm, I kept trying to figure out a word better than uninspired to describe my state of mind. Despired? Spired?  Because I was utterly uninspired, I was not able to come up with a suitable term.

Wednesday was a horrible day in Washington DC, like being in a blender full of poisoned ice, turned up to pulverize. For me, the fact that there was no snow at all wasn't much of a disappointment since I am, and have been for awhile, done with winter, looking forward to spring. I never believed for a second that it really would snow. It was too warm, no cirrus clouds, nothing. The partially frozen precipitation and the wind felt toxic. I'm telling you, the storm was a slushy dementor attack.

Today is brisk and windy with a shocking blue sky. Brother Sun is ascending, shining from an angle that speaks of the coming equinox. The dementors have slithered back to their dark and moldy domains.

Dementors come and go - that's life. But hope always returns. Welcome back, hope! Welcome back, peace! I look forward to some inspiration this weekend when temperatures will rise into the 60s. The trees are going to pop. Can't wait.


Tom said...

ha! Happy spring (soon)

Reya Mellicker said...

It is a really good meme.

Pam said...

Colour! We need colour!
All this has been the personal landscape of my life for a while, and last night I dreamt of wearing all the beautiful colours of Mexico.
I'm taking it as a message to buy lottery tickets to get there, and that things in my life will brighten up soon. Even if my Dad passes away, I'm to take the Mexican view of death as part of life and it's celebration.
Depression sucks. Glad I had the dream, feel better, and hope you are on the way up too.
Enjoy those chocolates. x.

Reya Mellicker said...

Pam I'm thinking of you with a lot of love.

Steve Reed said...

LOL -- I see what you meant on Facebook about the meme. Funny!

March is such a weird month. It's spring, and then it's not, and then it's sunny and then muddy and slushy. It IS a blender, a whirlwind.

Meri said...

Sitting here, looking out my window into a bank of fog. It'll burn off and show the blue later today, but it will be eased out by a new rainy system beginning tomorrow and all next week. Those relentless days of rain run my solar cells down severely.

Gregg Biggs said...

Sometimes I call the dementers the blue devils of mid-afternoon. When I worked from home for nearly 20 years, they often came as I struggled with self doubt more than depression.

It's March in San Francisco which is a weird month when things are green like elsewhere but about to turn brown and then eventually get cool and foggy.

ellen abbott said...

early February was so springlike here everything was confused. do I bloom? do I wait? then the last two week of February, winter returned putting spring on hold. it's March now, time for spring and I'm over winter too. trees are popping.

The Pollinatrix said...

Subspired, perhaps?

I've been feeling the dementors hovering too, but my term for it is "the black sludge." Glad you're feeling more hopeful now; I am too :)

Peter Bryenton said...

Yes, recognising those approaching "blues" is half the battle.

Good words & pictures, thanks. I got here via Steve's Shadows & Light. Glad I stopped by.

Reya Mellicker said...

Subspired is perfect!