Monday, November 12, 2012

Not exactly mainstream


I've been a little worried about the holidays this year. It's ironic that only in the past several years have I learned to actually like the holidays, yet here I was, ready to face the big holidays, T-day and Christmas, alone again.

Poor little Reya. Can you hear the tiny violins playing? Ha.

What I figured out this morning is that my holiday season this year is going rogue. My holidays will take place between Dec 13-17, the days I'll be in Kansas City. There are so many people I'm going to see with whom I've been friends forever and love with all my heart. They are kin.

There will be feasting and toasting, catching up, story telling, music listening, movie watching, walking around taking pictures and fun. I will connect with living kin, also stand on my mother's grave and get some seriously quality time with my sister. Oh yeah, my KC trip is going to be Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled up into a long weekend.

Just as with the standard holidays, it will be great, also exhausting especially for an introvert such as myself. I'm making a note this morning that I will need a couple of days off work when I come home to DC, to recover.

Christmas lights on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. I will get to see these and take pics. Very excited.

Of course I will observe T-day and Christmas here. For T-day I'm thinking: James Bond movies. I've been really into the Roger Moore era lately in which James Bond wears leisure suits, black people all have 'fros and call white people honkeys and the women are honestly nothing more than blow up sex toys, even if they're supposed to be brilliant spies or scientists. It's so kitchy - and such a wonderful reminder of how far our society has evolved since the mid 1970s. Good lord.

On Christmas I'm going to the movies with friends, then maybe I'll sneak a Hugh Grant movie onto the ipad, just to be traditional.

The holidays will be great this year. I'm really looking forward to them. Shalom.



Kerry said...

It sounds like a perfect plan. Well-timed.

It's easier to look forward to holidays when you're in control & aren't following somebody else's agenda.

You're going to have so much fun with lights! Lights are my favorite thing about December, and I can't wait to see your photos.

Elizabeth said...

Have a super duper time in Kansas City!

For some reason I'm really gung ho for all the upcoming holidays this year
got the holiday spirit already
caught in the gloom of backout I think.
sending much love your way.

Pam said...

Happy times ahead Reya. As mentioned, following your own agenda is less exhausting - you'll have lots of fun.

Reya Mellicker said...

Elizabeth, if you're in the holidays, then ... I'm on the right wavelength.

I don't have control, but I am learning to see the holidays in a new light. I connect this directly with my work in the Course of Miracles. Should write about that.

Steve Reed said...

Sounds like a great plan! I can't wait to heat about your trip to KC!