Wednesday, November 7, 2012

God Bless America

The inner circle of the walking labyrinth at A.R.E.

We are anything but a united states. We are split, at least among the popular vote, right smack dab down the middle. I read in the Washington Post that Obama won by four tenths of a percent in the popular count. It's sobering to think about, difficult to imagine how to bring the country together. People blame Congress for stalling out all the time, but in a sense, it is a perfect reflection of our voting citizenry. No one is to blame, it just is what it is, a huge, rich, entitled country full of disagreement, disgruntlement and anger.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason we are so heavily militarized is due to the inner conflicts of America's oversoul. Ya think?

The other thing I've heard blamed for our divisive political situation is the two party system. But if we had lots of parties, how would that help? Each of us might better be able to vote for someone with whom we fully agree. That would feel good. It wouldn't bring the country together, though - would it? Seems like it would serve only to create more fractures in our alleged unity. We're going to have to learn the art of compromise, give and take, the dance of yin and yang - with each other, definitely - but also with our elected officials. They will never do everything "right," right? How can they?

Washingtonians, lined up for morning coffee after a late night.

In order to fulfill the job description, American presidents can't please all the people all of the time. Everyone must be somewhat disappointed. Otherwise, the he or she sitting in the Oval Office is only acting as president to his/her constituency, not to all.

There isn't really a happy answer, is there? Compromise is bitter, especially in the blood sport of politics.

Washingtonians are nose-to-the-grindstone people. We are a "get back to work" sort of city. But today we're smiling as we race to the subway.

91.4% of us voted for Obama. I love DC! These are my people.


A shop in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


Elizabeth said...

NY state went 60% something to 30% something.
I think NYC would have been a higher split.
You are quite right --you certainly can't please all the people all of the time
but I'm much happier pleasing the masses rather than pandering to the top 10%
and couldn't we chop the military budget while
we are at it!

Peace, shalom and salaams!

Meri said...

So here in ecotopia, the Pres got a 16 percent margin (give or take), voters supported legalizing marijuana for personal use (we already had medical pot), and it looks like marriage equality will win since it's ahead and the majority of the votes still not counted are from Seattle, which is socially and politically more liberal that the east part of the state. And I often wonder why this country is so in love with military might -- too much testosterone?

Steve Reed said...

I don't mind that there are differences of opinion about how the country should be governed. What I DO mind is the refusal to compromise -- the stonewalling and denial that often grips the minority party. You don't have to agree with someone to work with them.

ellen abbott said...

What Steve said. But re a multi party system, you have to build coalitions which is sort of forced compromise. As long as we are so evenly divided we will probably continue to refuse to cooperate.

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh, Ellen - I see.

Politics is incomprehensible to me.