Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lesson learned


What a weird week. Coming up on election day this time around was already harrowing and stress inducing, but then we had to endure the hurricanoreaster too? Good lord. Timing is everything.

I made a big mistake by posting on FB about the similarity between those who say "God is punishing us with this storm because of __________" and "We created the storm through global warming." You would not believe the blowback I got from that. It was like all of a sudden I had gone over to the dark side. Some folks responded as if my values and personality had completely changed, as if I had become, all at once, in favor of pipelines and heavy carbon footprints and wasteful, expensive living.


At first I was miffed. I kept sticking my toe into the swirling waters, thinking that those who got so worked up would eventually remember it was ME talking, not some oil industry lobbyist, but no - even posing the question, suggesting that maybe we ought not assume we're responsible for something that huge and complicated - was like throwing grease on a raging fire. After three attempts to post what I thought was an interesting idea, I realized it was way too flammable and removed all mention of my curiosity from Facebook. I want to write more about it, but I'm waiting until after the election - even here on the blog - to post further thoughts on the matter.

Oh yeah. In addition, I'm getting the heck outta Dodge this weekend, heading out in the morning to Virginia Beach to take a Jin Shin Do class. A friend is coming with; we're staying at a cozy B&B and should have a lovely, relaxing weekend.

I wonder if you can imagine how grateful I am to be getting away from the DC energy field just prior to election day. Can you? Of course you can!



ellen abbott said...

Definitely. Blow the joint and go have fun.

Steve Reed said...

What is Jin Shin Do? I'll have to look that up! Anyway, hope it's fun, and I don't blame you for getting out of town!

I avoided that whole global warming conversation on your Facebook. I think everyone is SO worked up now, politically, that venturing any opinion at all sets off fireworks. I tend to think we ARE responsible, but I certainly don't know that for sure, and I like your open-mindedness about it. Not-knowing is the strongest position of all, sometimes!

What I found interesting is when you and I posted the NYT column -- I focused on the conclusive paragraph that said scientists know x and y, and you focused on the uncertainty, the "don't know" factor. Funny how we can both read the same thing and come away with a different focus!

Reya Mellicker said...

I noticed that, too , Steve.

What I do know is that we love to blame ourselves for everything. It's a weird hybrid if self importance and self loathing. We're a complicated species.

Janelle said...

hey reya...tried emailing you...but no luck...recipient failed or something.
please email me and send your address...want to send you a song.

Pam said...

So much I don't know Reya but I DO know that we are a complicated species dealing with some very complicated energies, particularly where you are. Looking forward to hearing more about your escape to simple enjoyment!

Angela said...

Yesterday I watched a report on TV by National Geographic which said that the earth is changing constantly, due to volcanic activities and what not. Soon (in earth time, not ours)the Mediterranian Sea will disappear and instead a whole new mountain chain will build up instead, because Africa is moving north... And probably the region under Yellowstone will erupt (again) sooner or later.
Man is just a tiny appearance on earth. We are not responsible for everything.
You go and have some fun!

Cheryl Cato said...

Oh I can absolutely understand that you want to get outta town! I'd like to leave the country!!!

The G-man & I are hosting a Dem election watch on Tuesday night... it'll be a first for us. There will be about 6 couples...long-time friends and it should be fun. I may need to have crying towels available just in case Obama doesn't win, but I really nope he pulls it out.

I'm avoiding watching, hearing, reading political stuff on TV, radio, newspaper, FB, blogs, etc. Just trying to chill!

I've got to look up Jin Shin Do... whatever it is, I hope you are having a grand time!

Cheryl Cato said...

Oh my... that Angela is a wise woman!

Reya Mellicker said...

She surely is.

Angela said...

Thanks my sweeties. By the way, in German radio they say that in all the Swing States Obama is ahead, so no worries! Did I mention that in Germany 90 % of the population would vote for him? We think that character counts.

Mary Ellen said...

Wow - what a picture of cosmic energy swirling in that sky! Hope your get away is/was awesome.
-- Mary Ellen

Washington Cube said...

I'm reading a book called "Cold." It's and...weathah...and...temperature and all sorts of nifty stuff.