Thursday, July 1, 2010

Now What?

June was a long month for me. Did it seem that way to you? The fabulous Dr. Brian Cox, as well as Dr. Brian Greene (hmmm ... are all physicists named Brian?) like to explain that the way each of us cuts through time/space in the course of our daily activities creates a serious impact on our perceptions of "reality," including our perception of the fourth dimension. Ain't it the truth?

June was a month of huge internal shifts and changes for me, so no wonder the first part of the month flew by, while the weeks surrounding solstice dragged. Solstice was a bitch this year. Whoa. I was a wreck for awhile; lower than a snake's belly, as my friend Lisa used to say. She also used to say sometimes that she felt lower than dog's breakfast. You can't get much lower than that, can you? Lisa was from Austin, Texas, where she picked up many charming colloquialisms.

During the past few days, at last, time is moving faster again. I guess that's a good thing. Now it's July. For the next couple of weeks, all that internal movement will shake out into the external realm as I make the transition into my new apartment.

Cheryl, of the blog Lizzy Frizzrock, suggested that I place boxes in a spiral around my room, one for papers and art supplies, one for clothing, one for books, etc. In this way I am now able to literally dance the spiral as I unwind this chapter of my life. Cheryl, you are a genius. It's really working!

Fall down once, get up twice. Will do! My optimism is returning. Shalom.


Washington Cube said...

Loving the house in the car window. Time to move on.

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh yeah.

Everton Terrace said...

How fun. I wish I would have read about the unpacking spiral dance a few days ago. We did more of a "start at the top of the tower" and "wade through the sea of boxes" type of dance over here. About finished now but I'll keep it in mind for next time.

Mrsupole said...

Not sure why but you are making me think of that song that goes "I feel like dancing, I feel like dancing the night away" or something like that. I think you should always feel like dancing the days away, while you are moving into your new apartment.

May your new apartment be blessed with blessings for new and wonderful things to come, for many good times, for the love that will come and stay or go. May your blessings be many and sorrows be few. May you have lots of joy and happiness shared with many new and old friends. Many blessings of goodness and love be upon you and your new apartment.

May enjoyment, peace, calmness, happiness, quietness, laughter, and love enter with you into your new abode.

God bless.

Elizabeth said...

What you are going to do is open all the windows in the new apartment and clean it and clean it and then
put a little candle in a saucer of water
and light it and then buy the most beautiful bunch of flowers you can find
and voila!!!

Mrsupole said...

May the blessings of peace, calmness, love, joy, happiness with old and new friends, enter with you into your new house.

May you dance and dance whenever the moment calls upon you to do so, may you dance with joyfullness and abandonment, and love in your heart.

Bless your new life that you are about to embark upon and know that we will be with you.

God bless.

Mrsupole said...

Bless the moving of the old with the new. Bless the new that will soon find it's way to mingle with the old. Bless the friends that will walk through your doors, may peace and happiness fill your heart and theirs.

You have now been blessed three times because three times is a charm and blessings must come in threes. Enjoy your new place.

God bless.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks for all the blessings!

Elizabeth, how did you know?? I'll also ring my singing bowl, rattle around the corners, smudge the whole space with sacred white sage, dance around in circles then cast a big ole circle of protection and happiness around the apartment. I'll do all that before I move a single thing inside. Oh yeah.

ellen abbott said...

the whole year seems to have flown by for me. If it weren't so damn hot I'd try to put on the brakes a little.

One of my favorites times is when I walk into a new place that is mine for the first time. when we bought this place, of course we saw it, went through it twice, but when it was ours, when we had the key and the old owners did not and they were gone, opening that door and walking in...well, it's a new life waiting to happen. the first thing I did (which happened over a period of weeks, months even since we were there only on weekends at first) was to get rid of the lingering aura and occupation of the previous owners. Curtains came down, carpet came up, cleaning cleaning and painting. It took months to get their smell out of the house so that that wasn't the first thing that greeted me when we walked in every Saturday. They had lived here a long time.

Jo Floyd Lucas said...

YOUR home. YOUR space. YOUR time. What a wonderful new chapter is about to begin, one for which you will be the sole author and editor. How beautiful it will be!

Excuse us while we all feel a little envy of you now.

Take all the time you need to make the space your own, and enJOY the process. We're with you in spirit!

Anonymous said...
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Merle Sneed said...

Life goes on.

I am so unaware of the seasons and the changes in the climate around me. I do wish I had your spirit, my dear.

Ronda Laveen said...

Your new building certainly looks like a castle to me too. It will be fun to explore the new energy and geographics of your new space.

You have certainly moved through a lot since Jake's crossing a year ago. I was thinking of him yesterday, and you, sister.

Happy moving.

Reya Mellicker said...

Merle you have the best spirit in the world! For heaven's sake. But thanks.

And thanks, too, to sisters Jo an Ronda. I am so excited!

Anonymous said...
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steven said...

reya - i love that you have a sense of what's necessary and that translates into a plan of action that encompasses not only this world but all the other worlds that meet and collide and even collude in the space you call home. i am deeply connected to the concept of home, it's sacred to me and so i treat it with care. then too i let things go so that the home has a life of its own. spirals and concentric circles and light - especially natural light and smells that you choose like incense and salt water sprinklings and smudges - sage for sure - bring the goodness in where it belongs in a home of its own creation. a deep peacefulness and happiness for you in your new home reya. steven

Pam said...

I liked your friend's sayings. Here in Australia we say, when someone is really busy, and hence exhausted ("bushed") that they are flat out. "Flat out like a lizard drinking". Ring, rattle and smudge Reya -have a great time, and best wishes on your move!

Reya Mellicker said...

Flat out like a lizard drinking!

WOW. I will use that, Pam. Thank you.

Kerry said...

Well your moving time is finally upon you, and you are so ready for it. I love how you have sought to understand this process, cherishing the past and embracing the new. I can easily picture your spiral of boxes, the sage. Best wishes!

Amanda said...

hi reya,

i'm a new visitor, via lori and janelle - and probably geli too!!

i loved brian greene's book (almost spelled his name brain - coincidence?!) and do that armchair physicist thing too.....always wondering why time seems to go by differently for me than everyone else..

love your idea about the spiral of boxes in your room - it creates quite an image!!

glad i found your blog - love it - and will visit again.