Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I am digging the summer of 2013. It hasn't been hellishly hot, we've had abundant rain, and even now in mid-July, most days there has been a nice breeze. Though I wouldn't say it's exactly fun being outside, it isn't torture like it can be - and probably will be - come August.

My health is good following last week's Ailment. No one is stalking me, and my clothes are not mildewing before my very eyes. Business is brisk. And there is domestic harmony among all the beings who live in the chateau, including the ghosts. Even the horse ghosts out back in the carriage house are content.

This is one of those moments when harmony prevails. I am relishing this summer, paying close attention to my many blessings.

Of course it can't last forever because nothing lasts forever. Nothing even lasts, let alone forever.

And, too, it could all change tomorrow. But for now, for today, right now, right here, life is good and I am grateful. I am content. Shalom.


Steve Reed said...

Good. :)

We're having a very dry spell -- we haven't had rain in a couple of weeks, apparently. (I was in Florida for part of that time so I can't say from personal experience!) Today it's supposed to be about 90 degrees, which for London is HOT!

Pam said...

Those photos are stunning. Glad to hear about the good times and steady sailing - long may it continue!