Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A complicated, unusual day

The chateau

There are some men out in front of the chateau, preparing the place where the old sidewalk was, for the concrete that will become the new sidewalk later today. I'll be seeing clients which could be interesting, especially since they will have to come and go through the dentist's office upstairs, via the back door of the chateau. Today will be an interesting lesson in feng shui.

Though I will focus on my clients, of course, for much of the day my mind and heart will be elsewhere.  My brand new grand nephew, only a few days old, must undergo heart surgery for a faulty valve. I feel more than anything for his parents who are both beautiful, tender, wonderful people.

It's a mythic day for my entire family. I'm feeling the durable heart connections among us. The energy is crackling with love and we're texting frequently, to stay in touch. Meanwhile outside the workers are sawing and hammering, smoothing the dirt and rocks that will soon be buried in concrete.

It is a very weird day!

Of course I have no idea how the surgery will go - no one does, not even the surgeons. I've had clients with kids who needed heart surgery as infants. Their kids came through it well, healed completely and are perfectly fine now. Surgery is incredible these days, more refined even than just a few years ago. I feel confident that they will bring their magic to this.

As for the baby, I have tried to tune in. As a shaman I have offered to mediate, if necessary, between the worlds of ancestors and the soul of the baby. Heavy duty negotiations are going on at the moment, for sure. Will he stay or will he go? This is being discussed, between the worlds.

However I am not needed, or so it seems, when I offer. I think the karmic piece of this is about clearing something from his mother's family line, not my side of the family. Hence I will butt out, psychically.

But my heart is with that tiny heart, and with the anxiously beating hearts of my beloved nephew and his wife. And my sister, the grandmother. Whatever happens, it is a gift and blessing to feel the durability of heart connections. A real blessing.


From Thomas Cole's series, the Voyage of Life. This is the birth picture.


Pam said...

My thoughts are with you all Reya - they do wonders with heart surgery these days - very interesting picture!

ellen abbott said...

heart surgery on infants. those tiny little hearts. we shall hope he stays.

Reya Mellicker said...

He came through the surgery well. Now it's onwards to recovery. Babies are amazing - as are the surgeons who did this work.

Steve Reed said...

That's scary. I see your comment above, and I'm glad everything has gone well. You're right -- surgery is incredible these days, and I think it's not unusual to have to perform heart surgery on infants.

It's always weird when your normal routines, like the ingress and egress from your place of business, are disrupted!