Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cough it up

His shirt says EVERYONE IS ENTITLED to my opinion. Ha!

When I caught the cold or flu that was going around a couple of weeks ago, people who had had it told me I would cough for weeks. I thought, Them, maybe. Not me. 

But I was wrong. It was not a pleasant virus and the cough has lingered even though I've been working on it from every angle. I've taken a dispersing tincture and received acupuncture, I've gargled with warm salt water, also with warm lemon water (not together). I've extended my practice of ohmming and chanting in the mornings, and I've used shamanic extraction techniques to remove the energy from my throat.

I've gently stroked the lymph glands under my jaw and had plenty of water. I've confided in my sisters - things I usually would not say to anyone. I'm trying to get what remains in there OUT and on its way.

All that, yet I'm still coughing, just like others who had the same illness.

However you can not fault me for my creativity around it. Healing, for me, is a performance art that can take place on several levels. I assume eventually the cough will subside no matter what I do, so I might as well be creative. Today's technique is hot tea plus I decided to go back on the modern medical allergy meds that worked so well for me last spring. I'm throwing everything at this tenacious cough!

In the spirit of speaking what I would usually keep to myself, a little story. I decided recently to get the diamond that was in my wedding ring re-set so I could wear it as a necklace. I just got it back from the jeweler's recently. The setting is beautiful and I've been enjoying the quirky stone quite a bit. You can't plan for this next part. I received a short letter from my ex husband yesterday. The first paragraph was about his 60th birthday, how hard that was for him, and that his dog died a couple of years ago. In the second paragraph he said that for his relationship, he will now only contact me in case of serious illness. I am to do the same thing. I haven't heard from him since before I moved to the chateau, so at least three years. The letter is out of the blue. So weird.

As if I want anything different! For heaven's sake. He is still trying to control my behavior, across time and 3,000 miles. Unbelievable!

Oh - that last cough was definitely one of those ahem type coughs, as when one person behaves like an ass after which someone else clears their throat.

The letter went directly into recycling. I didn't even bring it inside the chateau. Today I'm thinking, is it helping or hurting to wear that diamond around my neck? Diamonds are supposed to be the ultimate stone for clearing energy, hence it should be helping, but it is still and forever in my mind and heart a symbol of my horrid marriage, so maybe I should take it off until the cough dissipates. What do you think?


ellen abbott said...

can't you do a cleansing of the stone? I have a very quirky piece of silver shaped like a petroglyph of a frog that an ex-friend gave me out of the blue one day that he had made. he was part of the river group that shunned me and he turned his back on me so completely that one day a couple of months later we found ourselves at the same event and while his girlfriend, who had also been my friend, at least spoke to me, he would not even make eye contact to the point of totally ignoring me even when I was standing right next to him. childish, right? anyway, I had gotten rid of everything that was connected to those people, throwing things away or giving them away except this little frog. couldn't get rid of it but can't bring myself to wear it either. another friend told me I could cleanse it by burying it in the earth for a while but I never did.

Rebecca Clayton said...

It is sitting right there at your throat--if it were me, I'd "take it as a sign" and take off the necklace and let it "discharge."

My neighbor's grandfather and his siblings were "informants" for a Library of Congress folklorist back in the 70's, and he used to say of strange coincidences, unusual sights, and anything odd "It must be a sign." People (like folklorists) would say, "A sign of what?" and he would reply "I don't know, but it must be a sign."

That about sums up my ability to spot and interpret "signs," so YMMV.

(If you're curious, you can get some of the Hammons family stories in a pdf at this Library of Congress location:

Caution: This booklet & CD set is how I first came to visit Pocahontas County, and look what happened to me.

Reya Mellicker said...

It's a sign!

Can't wait to hear the stories.

Ellen - I'm clearing my throat for you now! How rude.

Removing necklace. Will put it on salt to cleanse it. Thanks, friends.

ain't for city gals said...

I'm glad you tossed the letter and you are right...still about wouldn't wear the necklace...I wouldn't even want to ever see it again...especially now. I would sell it and do something terribly outlandish or take the money and give it to people in the street that look like they could use an extra $20 or so.

Reya Mellicker said...

I left the diamond in a bowl of salt all day. My take on the energy is that the diamond actually purified the salt! Funny.

I should wear it over my heart - it's not the diamond with bad energy, it's me!

Steve Reed said...

Good grief. What is the point of even writing such a letter? Really!

Pam said...

When I lived in a huge rambling farmhouse bordering Outback Australia there was an enormous pit for the garbage as it was too far for garbage collection facilities. It was a gaping pit really.
As a divorcee,I used to wear my first-marriage diamond engagement ring on my right hand sometimes at home, because it was a lovely ring after all. Threw the garbage in the pit - no ring!!!, absolutely no hope of climbing down into the pit and finding it either- a mini grand canyon.
The rubbish I threw was totally unrecognizable amongst everything else, and too far to get. Still think of it over 30 years later.
I'd give the diamond dilemma time if I were you - my situation was decided for me really! (That marriage actually was rubbish in case you were wondering!)
Maybe something good will come from your diamond - even if you don't wear it.

A Cuban In London said...

First of all, I hope you get better soon. Secondly, the diamond looks beautiful on that necklace. Wear it, it's all in the mind! :-)

Greetings from London.