Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy days

It was a wonderful weekend. I had a blast at the Folklife Festival Saturday, but Sunday, too was great. I worked on Sunday; it was satisfying. Afterwards I had dinner with friends at the Matchbox. I felt jolly and uplifted. What is not to love about such a weekend?

I was happy and clear headed and clear hearted all weekend. So clear and happy, in fact, that I completely forgot yesterday was the anniversary of Jake's death. I remembered this morning at last.

This is a sign of healing, it surely is. At last I am letting go of that damn dog. I'm not saying I don't miss him still and probably always but life goes on and time has softened that deep sadness. I am grateful.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I'll work a little but will also be planning and preparing for the traditional July 4th celebration with my old housemates and neighbors on Tennessee Avenue. I'm going to marinate some chicken for the grill, make a zucchini salad with almond pesto, a salad of watermelon, feta and mint and a fruit crisp of some sort.

John will make his world famous coleslaw. Actually it's not world famous, but it should be. He said he's also making a Jameson infused watermelon timbale. I have no idea what that means but I will steer clear of it. I feel a headache coming on even imagining such a thing.

The 4th is a big deal in Washington DC. It is a major feast day for my nears and dears on Tennessee Avenue. I look forward to it.

Onwards & upwards.



Rebecca Clayton said...

I think the Folklife Festival was my favorite event in D.C. Awesome memories! Thanks for the glimpse.

Wayne said...

Hey Reya - just happened across your blog whilst meandering around the web. I was instantly drawn by the folk element of your recent posts!

Happy July 4th - hope you have a good one!