Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What a summer! Good lord.

It was a good summer for me, mostly. Stressful, what with the stalker (who I have not heard from in a few days. Hoping that trend continues into perpetuity).

In so many ways this summer has been a time of profound healing ... which is also, come to think of it, stressful. Healing requires mindful presence, endurance, the strength to face the rigors of change and evolution, to be brave and clear eyed, open hearted. Healing is not for sissies.

I've stuck with it more or less, ducking out now and again via the soothing chill of a martini. Ahh liquor. I am not the first nor will I be the last to self medicate upon occasion. Fortunately, as a part of growing older, I can't tolerate much of the oldest psychiatric medicine. Because I have been constitutionally unable to mount a truly successful escape, I have mostly benefitted from the Summer of Extreme Healing.

I look forward to fall which is, in Washington DC, still several months away. It isn't until after Halloween that the weather truly cools down. Until then, many days will be humid, some will be downright hot, and there will not likely be a good frost for many weeks, necessitating a continued battle against the bugs until close to Thanksgiving. At the beginning of the summer, a humid day doesn't seem so bad, but at this point I am over it. I see jackets hanging in the closet, but can't imagine ever wanting to wear them.

It has been a loooooong, hot summer. But I don't want to complain. Life is good, I am healthy and happy. Shalom!


Kerry said...

Until recently I never thought of healing as stressful. But now, as I watch multiple people deal with various forms of catastrophe, I totally get it.

I wish I could be a big human-sized spongeball for them, something that they could grip tightly and release a fraction of their hardship.

Reya Mellicker said...

It makes us stronger - healing I mean. We might not think we can do it, but on some level,or another, we are often able to rise to the occasion. When we do, we are at our best - pure and shining - even I'm the midst of the impossible.

Being a human being is so weird!

Steve Reed said...

I'm glad the stalker has backed off, at least. Don't worry, Reya, fall is on its way! Even though healing is painful and tiring, it can be a wonderful experience -- and thank goodness we CAN heal.

Pam said...

Healing is such a beautiful word really. I often pray for those in the healing professions as they are often at the crossroads of where healing will take place, or it actually won't, and people hang onto every ounce of hope.
"...healing beautifully" is a phrase we'd all wish to hear for ourselves, our loved ones, and any situation of environmental crisis.
Enjoyed your post Reya - hope the weather is kinder soon.