Saturday, August 11, 2012

We are not amused

I thought today was supposed to be cooler and less humid than it has been, but alas, it's soup out there. How sad. I have the whole day free. I imagined spending the day walking, taking pictures, thinking about things, you know.

Earlier in summer this kind of a day doesn't seem too bad - humid, yes, but bearable. But by mid-August, I am so over the thick air. It's not at all fun getting out there. Hence I have barricaded myself inside the chateau. I did some deep cleaning which is always a good thing, and ran a few errands, also slightly amusing. Now I'm twiddling my thumbs, trying to decide how to spend the remainder of the afternoon.

Am I complaining? Good lord, I'll stop right now. Life is good and I am extremely grateful. Shalom.


Lynne said...

I am tired of the soupy weather too Reya. It's good for the pool, but honestly? I'm over summer! I want to fling open the windows and welcome in coolness!

Loving that second shot. Brilliant.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks, Lynne! Bring on autumn!! I am so ready.

Pam said...

Only saying to someone this morning how over Winter I am here in South Australia. Nearly Spring, but I am tired of being cold!!Each day I look out the window for some sunshine but am disappointed.The chortling magpies and their nest-building give me hope that Spring is on its way.

Steve Reed said...

August is a trying month under even the best of circumstances!

Kerry said...

Hot weather has finally reached Oregon. I'm ok with it being around for a week or so, but then it needs to go.

I love these watery photos, just shimmering with reflected beauty.