Thursday, August 16, 2012


Late summer is noisy. For instance, last night, sitting on the bench on the terrace here at the chateau, I heard four different kinds of insect chirps. I believe two of them were crickets, one probably a mournful cicada (it was an intermittent croak), and the fourth ... tree frogs? Such a sweet peeping sound. I also heard a train whistle. Very cool.

Early summer is full of birdsong, but late summer sound belongs to the bugs. I have been trying to enjoy whatever I can of this season, and was making headway in that direction, sitting on the bench. It wasn't too hot last night, and so peaceful since everyone leaves town in August. Alas, I was only able to sit outside briefly since, in late summer, the mosquitoes get vicious. My theory of increased mosquito blood lust in late summer revolves around the idea that they know the season is dwindling, hence they must carpe diem and have as many baby mosquitoes as possible. Maybe?

Late summer is a great time for bugs, but not so much for me, not just this year. I'm struggling with my usual late summer symptoms as well as the unwinding I mentioned yesterday. But the weeks will pass and then it will be fall. My sinuses and stomach will calm down, there will be a cold snap that kills a lot of the bugs. Then I'll be out and about again here in this crazy, beautiful, wounded, powerful city. I am so lucky, it's not right to complain.

Fall will arrive, it will. It will. I am counting the days! Hell yeah.



Anonymous said...

Although I have lived in San Francisco for so long, I still get nostalgic for certain things that you don't hear here such as bugs and thunder. However, I do take comfort in stepping into the back garden on a cool night and hear the low tones of a fog horn that even though I live in the Mission and the "rolling waters" of the 101that three blocks away really does sound like a river.

Reya Mellicker said...

I remember that sound, of the "river" - and the fog horns, too. So sweet that they still blow even though no one needs them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Fog horns are one of the few mechanical sounds that have an elegance, and like a train can seem lonely and comforting at the same time.

Steve Reed said...

I love all those bug sounds. I miss them here -- we seem to have very few insects. (At least, very few noisy ones.) Sitting out on your bench sounds very peaceful and pleasant!

Elizabeth said...

Bug sounds rule and are the delight of late summer!
Yes, I do look forward to the crispness of fall too.
Hope you feel better soon.