Monday, October 4, 2010

Bringing in the Sheaves

Everyone is a shaman. It's true. We all move and dance to the visible and invisible rhythms of the world. We all sense and react to the flows of energy, to the eddies and currents - and sometimes the riptides - of this crazy river of energy in which we live.

How else do you explain the phenomena of everyone rushing to to the cash registers at the supermarket all at the same time? I watched the rushes of people when I worked for Whole Foods - there was no correlation to time of day, nope. It was all about the energy.

Some days, everyone is cranky. I hear horns honking, people yelling at each other. Other days people smile and make way for one another. You know that experience of walking into a room and knowing, instantly, what's going on? I bet you do! I know it isn't conscious for many, but I pay attention to these things. We all feel energy, even if we don't admit it.

Autumn is traditionally the time of the harvest. (Thanks to Dan Gurney for explaining that fall is the most generous season. It sure is, Dan.) Not so long ago, stretching back in time literally for thousands of years, fall was the time when our species was extra busy, bringing in the fruits of the field. We depended on this busy time for survival - literally.

Though no longer a time when we have to be busy, (unless you're a farmer), the truth is that even we urban folks get extra busy in October. I think we are dancing in shamanic alignment with the season and with the long-held habits of our species, consciously or unconsciously. I know that my month of October is frantic with social engagements, big weeks of work, visiting with out of towners and such. All of that activity builds through the month to the final weekend that includes the Rally to Restore Sanity followed by the insanity of Halloween on the street where I live.



NanU said...

I've never hauled sheaves in my life, but October is definitely one of the biggest stuff-to-do months of the year.
In the yard it's September. Possibly because we're farther north than you, but it's only the 4th and already the veg is down to a few straggling tomatos, one squash, and some bolted basil; for the trees, the last two apples are mostly done. Everyone else is finished. September, though, it was one grande finale after another.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Exactly what I'm feeling today. I've just returned home from a long trip and the trappings of being gone are all waiting for me to attend to them, fridge is empty, plants are thirsty and jewelry is piling up waiting to be photographed. I suppose it's nothing compared to plowing a field. I'm a little excited though and I don't know why.

steven said...

reya, growing up in england i knew about harvest, slippery leaves on flat gravestones that i used as slides, rainy cold soccer games, and of course heather and gorse on the pennine hillsides. growing older in canada i know about the trees that get to be flowers, thanksgiving, frost, and the beautiful light that begins and ends each day. autumn - it's when i feel the first opportunity to take the love that i've built up for this world through the summer to find a place to locate itself. maybe that's why i love it so very much! steven

Sherry O'Keefe said...

regarding energy- my daughter teaches troubled kids and tells me she can walk into a room of 20 kids and instantly know if gabriel is in attendance. his energy spins the room in a comforting way. when he is gone, the energy in the room has no flow.

regarding autumn: i enjoyed your post and steven's response. yes, autumn has so much to give. love the light, the softer pace after our frantic august. love the anticipation of winter.

willow said...

Oh-oh-oh. You used one of my favorite words today. "Eddies". So nice.

Reya Mellicker said...

Steven: I love your heart and mind, your ability to articulate these beautiful truths every day. Wow.

Willow I had no idea! I know some of your fav words ... now I've learned a new one.

Jeanette welcome home! And hi Nancy.

Sherry - yes, and yeah, I love those people who can settle a room.

Dan Gurney said...

Reya, thanks for the nod. You know, it's especially busy when you (or your spouse) running for political office, as is the case with me. Almost too busy to keep up with blogs!

Steve Reed said...

I think everyone reunites in October after going away for the summer and then re-entering the working world in September. Does that make sense?

Annika Lundkvist said...

I absolutely love your "coverage" of Autumn. As an Autumn soul I paid particular attention to your energetic discussions about this season and am just loving it. Thank You.