Friday, August 7, 2009

Simmer Down, Reya

Though it is not my favorite month,** I like the spaciousness of August here in Washington DC. Congress goes into recess (which doesn't mean they stop working - oh no, they NEVER stop working). Even so, the energetic buzz and mad swirling around the Capitol softens a bit, which is such a relief. It's a palpable change.

On the Hill and elsewhere, the citizens of DC get out of town in August. People go to upstate New York or Maine or the beach, or in the other direction, into the Appalachians, to rest, recoup. The folks who stick around dress more casually, go in to the office a bit later or knock off earlier. Even the most devoted professionals tend to sneak away from work to have a massage or a long lunch, or take long weekends. The mobs of tourists thin out as well. The city becomes almost sleepy. Almost. It's remarkable.

I'm thinking I should take a cue from the mood of the city, and try to settle down in the wake of the eclipses and this summer of sudden and unexpected deaths (including the death of my dog).

In August, the energy body of Washington DC takes a deep breath, puts its feet up, has a tall glass of iced sweet tea. Isn't that nice? Maybe I should try to dance in shamanic alignment with that energy for a couple of weeks before I, too, get out of town at the end of the month. Yes? I say Yes! Oh yeah.

**August: Hot, humid, toxic air, metallic skies (usually - this year the weather has been great, at least so far). August is when the gardens begin to fade, the trees begin to droop, and the grass starts turning brown. It's also when the mosquitoes start getting really vicious. In August, the daylight declines noticeably. It's not my favorite month.

Look at the size of that leaf! That's a rosemary bush on the left side of the pic. Wow.


Elizabeth said...

Loved the last photo.
Yes, a month to slow down til the world wakes up again in September's crispness

sciencegirl said...

But what is then your favorite month?
I find that August, at least around here, is the best month for work. Everybody else is on vacation so it's nice and calm and one can just zip through things and get out & play.

Expat From Hell said...

I took a deep breath just reading your post today, Reya. Yes, August does have it's own thing going on, for sure. I am trying this month to appreciate it for what it is. I like the word my parents used to use for it: sultry.

See you again soon.


ellen abbott said...

Another night of deep disturbing dreams and waking to feel unrested. What is this all about? Some last vestige working it's way out perhaps. Or just general dissatisfaction?

It's hot and even drier out here than last week despite all the watering. Already I'm sitting here sweating. Ugh. The only upside to this has been no mosquitos this summer.

btw, I really like your new header.

Barbara Martin said...

August, being my birthday month, begins with sunshine and once fall comes closer, a season I actually enjoy more now with cooler days.

It is always good to rest and relax after a set of eclipses and not make any decisions.

Merle Sneed said...

A month to relax, maybe?

Robbin'sMama said...

I love the red wall and plants. It makes me happy

Nancy said...

I loved that red brick patio with the white flowers. And that giant leaf, how cool.

I'ts very cool here. Not beach weather. Overcast, jacket weather. Hopefully it will warm up for your visit. Unless you would like cool...

I have lots to talk about with you. Can't wait!

steven said...

hi reya, the world's very quiet today. on my bike rides i always say hi or good morning to everyone. today people were zoned into their own little spaces.
all good. it's time to breathe and let go of the carousel for a while! time to sit on the wibbly wobbly bricks and read minds, books, worlds, stars. have a peaceful day. steven

Deborah said...

hear hear!

so much love to you

Steve said...

NYC slows down a lot too, but for some reason I feel really guilty when I try to slow down myself. Why IS that? If I leave work early I keep thinking I'm going to get in trouble!

Shaista said...

Dear Reya,
I wonder how you are today? August is a strange month, so very changeable. Perhaps it keeps us on our toes, watchful and aware of ourselves.
You must feel both the absence and the presence of Jake. He was a famous dog, loved by many he never met :)
Look after yourself,

The Bug said...

My professional life has been so slow for the last year that I don't really notice the summer slow-down in myself. I do see it in other people.

Now I'm craving some rosemary bread!

Bee said...

It's funny to think of D.C. being "spacious" in August. I've been in Europe too long, I guess. All of the cities are packed in August. I was in London last week and the place was heaving.

August is one of my least favorite months. It always seems so melancholy and yellowed at the ages. Funnily enough, September is golden; the yellow becomes something burnished and fine.

Where are you going?

Bee said...

I meant "edges."

Ronda Laveen said...

It slows down out here in Cali too. I kinda look forward to a little break this time of year. Yeah, go with the flow.

Reya Mellicker said...

Melancholy and yellowed - yes, that's my sense of August, too ... here in the northern hemisphere, of course.

Favorite months? May and June here in DC when the flowers are popping and everything is fresh and truly beautiful. October, when the trees turn colors, the quiet beauty of January, too. February - when I was born - and August - when some of my very favorite people were born - are my least favorites.

Shaista hello! One of my dreams last night included a scene of Jake walking back and forth on his bed, like a film going forwards then backwards. Afterwards I checked the bed which was soaked with urine (all this in the dream - I threw his old bed out after he died).

Yes Ellen, many very disturbing dreams last night too. I WANT to simmer down, though, I really do.

Reya Mellicker said...

I agree, Expat - august should be taken for what it is. Yes. Sultry. Thank you.

Sandra Leigh said...

I love any month in which there is rosemary. I cannot walk past a rosemary bush without touching it, pulling my hands gently over the leaves to pick up the scent, then inhaling that scent. Lavender draws me that way, too.

karen said...

I enjoy the "spacious" idea! Our August seems to have brought an early springlike feeling here. I reckon it came ten days early, but I'm sure we can blame the eclipse for that! beautiful photos..

Delwyn said...

Hi Reya

yes I think you should take the lead of the city, and slow down...
it must be the season for it

Happy days

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I enjoy visiitng DC and when my children were young we often visited in August. It was so hot and humid, but then it was in NTC also at that time.
My son chose to go to college in DC and lived there a few years afterward -- I was so happy!

Melissa said...

I have been quite surprised the past week has been breezy, bright and hot. Nothing a shady tree and a glass of ice water won't cure.

August is mine and my son's birthday month, the 15th and 18th respectively.

It's always been a chance for new beginnings for me. I like how everything slows down and there isn't so much rushing and bustling in town.

I love Fall and August is the precursor to Fall.

I have made some of my most important life's decisions in the month of August, I have met the most wonderful loves in the month of August. I guess since it's my month, I am attracted to it. Most importantly I had gave birth to my first child in August.

I love your photos and I am sorry about all your bad dreams. I hope you find peace soon.