Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weather Drama

Wow! What a storm last night in DC! The water poured in sheets not only outside but unfortunately into the kitchen through a leak none of the residents of this house knew about. My roommates were out to dinner so it was just me grabbing bowls and pitchers to put under the deluge, laying out every dish towel I could find (and believe me, we have a million of them).

When the dogs get scared, they not only bark, pant and drool, but they also try to wind themselves around the legs of any human who happens to be nearby. Three dogs, who weigh close to 100 pounds each (it's a "lot of poundage" as my roommate says), all barking, drooling, panting, and winding themselves around my legs while I tried to stem the tide of the waterfall in our kitchen, well, it was ridiculously chaotic. In the midst of it all I began to laugh out loud. I guess I could also have decided to be annoyed, but it was so funny. What a scene! I felt like I was in a sitcom.

The storm passed through, clearing away (for the time being) the thick humidity and awful heat that's been hanging heavy in the District for a couple of weeks. We've switched off the A/C, opened doors and windows. A fresh breeze is moving around the prayer flags on my screen door. The air is sweet.

My roommates have located the leak and are busy doing whatever it is people do when that happens. Birds are singing, the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful robin's egg blue. Life is good - even including scenes of chaos like last night - and I am grateful. Have a peaceful day.


Barbara said...

Water inevitably looks for a way to get in, doesn't it? And many dogs just can't sleep through a storm, including mine who is anxious before the first clap of thunder. It's nice to be able to wring out the towels and pet the dog after it's over.

IntangibleArts said...

It was a wild night indeed. In my 'hood, same story. Except Gomez was more puzzled than scared; I took him out to see the craziness and he attempted to EAT all the rain.

After three minutes of this, he became a bit bored & pissed off and asked very politely if he could go back inside and enjoy a bit of television, please.

Very strange dog.

deborah said...

Hilarious and wonderful--it must be that kind of month. . .

I ended up dismanteling and breaking part of my credenza only to discover a very simple solution to the original problem
which set me off cleaning
EVERYTHING in our office (a five day cleaning binge)

Used every rag and mop and vacuum bag in the place

recycled three bins worth of old files, mags, docs

Love the ability to laugh aloud when life presents the perfect
living sitcom

Love you so much

Reya Mellicker said...

Gomez is my hero! That's epic, isn't it, trying to swallow the storm? In some mythology there are monsters who swallow the oceans - can't remember which ones.

Yay Gomez!!

Steve said...

Oh, Reya. I wish you'd made a video of that. Of course, I guess you were a little too busy! :)

hele said...

Oh, the pictures are so very beautiful. They made my heart go ping.

Merle Sneed said...

My neighbor flew from Dulles last night and she was telling me today that she spent three hours on the runway waiting out the bad weather.

Moonroot said...

Glad you could see the funny side! Your re-telling of the incident certainly made me chuckle - I agree with Steve, a video would've been great.

Pod said...

how odd. i just mistakenly clicked on your old blog, and thought you'd chucked the towel in again, and when i read the comments i saw one from me, and then thought i had gone crazy, coz i didn't remember writing it. i think i have gone batty after all.
hope all is well dear you

Lynne said...

We are one day behind you weather-wise. Finally after a week of high temps and even higher humidity, we got drenching rains and t-storms. A huge relief! Last night was the first night we dared to open the windows up to the cool breeze!

Reya Mellicker said...

Pod, time is very plastic for me this week, too.