Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The NPR program Marketplace had an ongoing series for awhile in which they asked people a simple question - what is wealth? It was interesting. The people they interviewed who made the most money felt they needed more income to attain wealth, while the people just barely making it were more philosophical, relating wealth to relationships of love and trust, solid community, good health, that sort of thing.

There are different kinds of wealth, definitely.

I'm thinking about it tonight at the very end of my birthday celebrations. I have been wined, dined, feted, toasted, celebrated. There has been delicious red wine. There has been witty repartee. It's exactly what I wanted for my birthday. I am grateful and overwhelmed to be so well loved.

Sixty is quite good, actually. Who knew?


Pam said...

Haha! Welcome to the club - being a newbie myself I can say "come on in the water's fine!"
I am so happy for you Reya, that you had a great birthday, lots of friends and celebrations, your much treasured witty repartee, and that hand in hand with this soul sister across the seas, and others who enjoy your posts here so much we can journey on in the great adventure!
I wish you health, happiness and a wealth of wonderful experiences ahead.

Steve Reed said...

I've read that wealthier people tend to be even more money-hungry than those of us with less-than-average incomes. I've always thought it's a good illustration of the Buddha's observation that desires are inexhaustible!

Reya Mellicker said...

Thank you, Pam! You are a soul sister across the sea, oh most definitely.

Yes, Steve - the people who made lots of money were reluctant to say how much, but when they did they followed up immediately by saying they still needed money to pay for their kids to go to college or their retirement. They seemed fearful, worried in a way the people just making it didn't. Not that the people just making it didn't think it would be great to not have to worry about money but the thing is, everyone worries about money. It is a heavy topic.

And yes - desire is inexhaustible!

ellen abbott said...

I wonder if the people who are obsessed with money as wealth, if this is a nature or nurture thing? Or if having lots of money sort of causes their obsession. Not sure I am making myself clear.

Reya Mellicker said...

What I know is that money is never fun, no matter how much or how little people have. Money is heavy, hard, frightening.