Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out of the blender

Happy New Year of the Water Snake! The Black Water Dragon has gone back to sleep; his tail is no longer stirring the dark waters. Shhhhhh ... we don't want to wake him again for another sixty years, please. No way.

The Black Water Dragon year was momentous. I can't think of a life that wasn't shaken in some way or another, including my own. Good lord. But all that is done now.

The Voice in the Shower told me this morning that the work of the snake year will be to acknowledge and integrate what was stirred up last year. The energy will not be as exciting as the dragon year, probably a very good thing. It will feel a lot like going through closets, getting rid of old, moldering stuff, organizing what we decide to keep. I'm speaking metaphorically of course. The closet could be your body, mind or heart, job, relationship, home, or all of the above, depending. At least this is what the Voice in the Shower said, as best I could understand.  The Voice says pay attention, let the energy settle, learn something new.

Sounds like a great year for a hard thinker like me. I look forward to it.

Something has shifted within me, definitely for the better. Onwards and upwards. Shalom.


Pam said...

I too am looking forward to letting the energy settle.
The universe had me in a tumble dryer of circumstances and emotions last year - spat me out in time to say "...and now it's your 60th - so celebrate!" Just didn't feel ready, but told the universe "I'll do it on my terms"...and did.
I think that may be a key - doing things on our own terms, whatever they be.

Memory Echoes said...

I just surfaced from the pages of Faulkner's "Absalom, Absalom!" and wanted to reconnect myself with something luminous. So I came here.

I'm sure the story and Faulkner's hypnotic writing is refracting some of the light, because I noticed right away how the cover design (copyright 1951) echoes your lovely photo. Really bizarre. Really trippy.

I also had a question to ask you that the text provoked in me. It had to do with Civil War ghosts & one particular passage:

"His [Quentin's] childhood was full of them; his very body was an empty hall echoing with sonorous defeated names; he was not a being, an entity, he was a commonwealth. He was a barracks filled with stubborn back-looking ghosts still recovering, even forty-three years afterward, from the fever which had cured the disease, waking from the fever without even knowing that it had been the fever itself which they had fought against and not the sickness, looking with stubborn recalcitrance backward beyond the fever and into the disease with actual regret, weak from the fever yet free of the disease and not even aware that the freedom was that of impotence."

I had a question for you directly linked to that passage, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was.

The disease that was slavery and the fever that was the Civil War? I wish we could stop being eaten by the past. I wish for the ghosts to have peace & for us all to know peace together, removed from the disease's legacy.

That's what I'm pulling out of the dusty air related to the Year of the Water Snake. I have no idea if anything I just wrote makes any sense. I'm in a weird space right now.

Also: I'm glad something has shifted within you. Your process is riveting. Thank you for sharing some of it.

Reya Mellicker said...

I hope you will back slowly away from Faulkner and read something more uplifting.