Friday, June 8, 2012

Toad Strangler

What a week! Good lord, life has been exciting, vivifying, shocking and dynamic. I'm talking about the impact from the recent pair of eclipses, Venus' transit across the sun, and the moon occulting the Pluto system. All of these events are eclipse-like, hence they pack a wallop individually, but clustered as they were this past couple of weeks? It has been a toad strangler energetically. In the midwest we used to call heavy downpours "toad stranglers." It's evocative, hey?

This morning, the wake from the event has settled at last. It feels to me that the energy has coalesced into a large gold snake or current moving in curves and waves underground, turning over stones, aerating the energetic landscape the way worms aerate dirt. It's all for the good, but feeling eclipse-like energy underfoot here on planet earth is a bit unnerving.

I'm heading into a big weekend of work, a good thing for my bank account, also for body and soul. I'm a very intense person with a temperament that makes me inclined to tilt into the dramatic side of everything including, of course, planetary events. During these events somehow it always slips my mind that there will be an energetic hangover when all is said and done. Whew! Tending to the bodies of my clients will be a god send, it really will.

It's another Tahoe summer day in DC today. I am not complaining! Have a wonderful Friday. Shalom.


Val said...

definitely feeling hungover today - with out a valid reason!!

Val said...

i love the toad strangler description!

Reya Mellicker said...

You've got a great reason - planetary events!

Kerry said...

Toad strangler downpurs and rabbit choker farms; these are terms from my past that I haven't thought about for awhile.

I love your gorgeous photos. Have a good work day with your lucky clients!

Val said...

rabbit choker farms??

Pauline said...

I wish I could feel all that. Now that you've planted the golden snake image in my mind, I can have a place to put all these vague anxious feelings. Now and then I get a sense of impending doom or in contrast, one of wildly intense joy, but it lasts for seconds only and comes seemingly out of the blue. I've nothing to attach it to. Thanks for the snake :)