Monday, June 18, 2012

Father Knows Best

See Brother Sun peeking out from the left side of the monument at the top? Very cool.

I love being in sync with the weather. It's not always possible. But somehow lately, miraculously, I've been on a wavelength with the gods of sunshine, temperature, precipitation and cloud cover. It's a sweet spot I'm enjoying while it lasts.

Yesterday I had the day off. The weather was spectacular with lots of sunshine, dry air and perfect temperatures of around 80 F. I walked my ass off, of course.

I spent some time with my big ole buddy, the Washington Monument. It seemed fitting, on Father's Day, to hang out with the monument dedicated to the father of our country. And, too, the Washington Monument is "for the star people" as the Ecuadorian shamans said. It points to Father Sky. It was so right to be there.

My plan was to give some Reiki directly to the monument. I forgot it had been cordoned off since the earthquake last year, hence I had to send the Reiki "long distance" - from the edge of the terrace on which it stands. From a vantage point of a few yards away, I learned some new things about the way energy flows around and up the elongated pyramid, things I had never noticed before, so that was cool. But I missed being able to touch the stone directly. I hope the CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION tape comes down sooner rather than later.

Today I'm back at work all day. It's rainy and cool, muggy, too. Perfect weather for staying indoors. Ah weather gods, how nice to dance with you harmoniously! I am really enjoying the synchronicity.

Very nice!

Happy Monday, y'all. Shalom.

Their mom was attempting to take an optical illusion pic. I hope it turned out!


Pauline said...

Working in tune with the weather instead of battling against it honors both you and nature :)

jeanette from everton terrace said...

This is our harshest weather here in Phoenix, the time when we are all just trying to escape it. The hunt for shade becomes an obsession.
We so wanted to touch the monument and go inside last year on our first trip to DC but it was already taped off and closed when we arrived.
Guess that means we will have to be back :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Jeanette: yes please! The Hunt for Shade! I love it.

Pauline, I try, but it doesn't always sync, of course!

Steve Reed said...

Bravo for walking! :)

Maybe I'm forgetting, but was the monument damaged in the quake? Or is there just a suspicion of damage? What do they have to do before taking down that CAUTION tape?

Reya Mellicker said...

Steve the monument sustained fairly intense damage in the quake. I've seen vids from the surveillance cameras inside the monument during the quake. Bricks were literally falling on the stairs and people dashed down.

Who know when it will be repaired? Who knows?