Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's an absolutely gorgeous early summer day in Washington DC with temps in the lower 80s, bright sunshine and clean, dry air. Not Colorado dry, but dry for DC in summer. I spent my morning walking from the chateau through the ripped up national savannah (they're replacing plumbing on the mall), to the National Gallery sculpture garden, up 7th Street through Chinatown, then along K Street from its humble end, around 9th St. NW, to the schnazzy end, close to the White House, then home again.

Walking, taking pictures, breathing, thinking - it clears my head and heart like almost nothing else can.

When I walk, my jaw relaxes, my brain relaxes and every pattern of thought I don't need slides out of my head like water off a duck's back. When I'm walking on a beautiful day, my heart becomes clean as a whistle. Ahhhhhh!

I am very grateful for my two legs, the Salomon walking shoes I wore today, the sparkling weather and last night's excellent sleep including the crazy dreams. How do people do it - I mean those who must sit at a computer in the office on a day like today? Thinking about how vivifying a nice walk can be, how deadening a day spent indoors can be, creeps me out a little bit. Helps me understand why, in my society, we are fascinated by zombies. If I had an office job, I would become some sort of zombie, definitely. As it is, even when I'm working, I can get outside for a little while between clients.

I am very lucky! Happy Thursday. Shalom.


ellen abbott said...

Oh, I know. I think back to as early as 200 years ago, our relationship with nature was so different. The choice I made in my early 20s about how I would live, how I would make my living. How different my life would have been had I gone the corporate worker bee route. ugh. my life of creativity and making hasn't made me any extra money and has been full of uncertainty but the other rewards, the not money rewards, have been awesome.

Reya Mellicker said...

I could have written those exact same words, Ellen.

Steve Reed said...

Wow, I love that picture of the duck. So amazing.

I've spent a lot of my life in offices, and I was always aware of the weather outside, which made me feel a little connected. But I agree, Reya -- it's great to be outside and able to wander on a gorgeous day. We're BOTH lucky in that respect!

steven said...

the duck picture . . . i love when pictures compel me to reorganize how i see . . .
when i grow up i'm going to be an artist . . . steven